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  1. Opus Pattern Grid

    ...also I would be interested if there was any way in your setup to blast the primitives that dont meet the set min/max requirements (rather than keep any small ones to fill up space of the grid)?
  2. Opus Pattern Grid

    Hey @Gorrod, had a play with your latest today, thats really great! ..one thing I was curious: min/max Height range seems to do exactly as expected (if you set between '1 to 1', or '1 to 3' there will be a variety of primitives at this scale in height) however minLength doesn't seem to do the same...setting '1 to 1' there will still be some larger in length. I have absolutely no vex experience, but I messed about and adjusted the line: if(primNumbers[j] == primNumbers[j-yAmount] || primNumbers[j] == primNumbers[j+yAmount] || len(thisPrims)-1 > maxLength) break; to if(primNumbers[j] == primNumbers[j-yAmount] || primNumbers[j] == primNumbers[j+yAmount] || len(thisPrims)+1 > maxLength) break; and it seems to do the right thing? any thoughts? J
  3. Select Outside Edges Only

    works a treat so far thanks! really appreciate it
  4. Select Outside Edges Only

    ha, nice idea ! Ill test when I get back home to see how it holds up to a few ideas I have thanks Noobini!
  5. Select Outside Edges Only

    Yeah totally appreciate it is not reallly a 'hole' my thoughts are something along the lines of vertex/nearest-point count to isolate the diagonal on the enclosure...will have to try when back at houdini
  6. Select Outside Edges Only

    No, as it also includes two points inside 3 that are not part of the very outer perimeter (if you consider the two main islands to be connected and 3 to be a hole inside)
  7. Select Outside Edges Only

    Interestingly the third enclosed hole does provide a bit of a conundrum... ...polyfill doesn't recognise it as a hole, and the boundary groups isolate the two main outer islands, but seemingly no shared points. My need would be to make sure all 'inside/enclosed' edges are removed from the very outside perimeter group. Ive just tried messing about with group combine to see if there are some logical combinations of the point group that could isolate it, but not much luck so far A few ideas I'm intending to test when I'm back at my computer would be to promote the group to edges/prims and try a combination of shared points to try to isolate it, or possibly by vertex count of the points....any thoughts?
  8. Select Outside Edges Only

    Ah it is so absurdly easy, thank you guys!! My problem stemmed from a situation where I couldn't actually select Create Boundary Groups as it was greyed out in the group node...so I overlooked it.... but it turns out this was because I had set to group 'edges' and not to 'points' Thanks again, these are all great options, and I really appreciate the time taken!
  9. Hi I can successfully group unshared edges to get the boundary edges of a flat grid. However, how might I procedurally remove the very inside enclosed hole edges (such as the three holes in the attached image), and only have the very outside perimeter remain in the group? Any advice appreciated
  10. Opus Pattern Grid

    wow, thanks so much to everyone for all these great ideas, I have been playing with them all and I really appreciate it. I have tried a few things now. I had started by using using a voronoi cluster and fracture similar to the method as outlined on @mestela's cgwiki , but I could never quite get the level of control vs randomness I wanted. I also struggled to get rid of the L/Tetris shape, although I did try a similar approach as outlined by some of you. However I recently stumbled upon a thread with a brilliant solution from @trandzik which absolutely nails what I am trying to achieve and I can adapt it very well to my particular needs. Thank you so much Peter. A super-cute and most unexpected side-effect of playing about with his setup today, (and throwing in some symmetry and random deletion) - I inadvertently ended up with a pretty excellent space invader generator! See attached
  11. Opus Pattern Grid

    Hi Houdini hive-mind new here (sort of) looking for some advice on how I might be able to create a grid where the cells are arranged in an opus pattern. I have a cell of a minimum dimension (lets say 200x200), I want to be able to have the other cells multiple dimension of that in x and y. (400x800, 600x400 or even 200x2000 for example). Crucially there are no L shaped/tetris type arrangments. Im fairly sure it involves making a grid of cells with the minimum size, and making random selections to delete and build bigger patches, but not sure the best way to go about it without creating odd shapes. I've reached my intelligence limit, and I defer to clever folk here for any kind suggestions (or of course, solutions posted elsewhere) Thanks