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  1. Check this. +now it is rather simple copy2points_newpipeline.hipnc
  2. Yep and i think it is even faster than compiled for-loops.
  3. As i know it will in 2.82 officially.
  4. I think there is USD support in Blender in experimental branches,why not to use it instead ABC?
  5. there and back again, a Render Journey

    Did you test 3Delight?I found it pretty much faster than cpu Arnold/Mantra/Renderman,x10+ on some tasks and it really wonder me.. https://www.3delight.com/ https://discord.gg/MGtJx4q https://gitlab.com/3Delight/3delight-for-houdini
  6. Nope,Blender able to pick any attribute name as you named it in Houdini,"Cd","blabla",etc.
  7. Help needed for making Gear Generator

    It is in russian,but maybe will be helpful:
  8. + "It doesn't freeze Houdini and you don't have to close your editor to see the updated code applied on your parameter." http://cgtoolbox.com/houdini-expression-editor/
  9. Thank you,Konstantin,especially for amazing exhaustive link!
  10. Like that. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/89719/how-to-render-an-inverse-panorama I want to bake for example fire as texture to cylinder with uv. And where the cylinder in this case acts as the "camera". I would be very grateful if you gave an example of setting up the shader for such baking. bake_start_point.hip
  11. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Maybe will be helpful. Why u just not attached the scene file? I am not skillful in fluids,but maybe anybody with exp can easy find the solution with scene file.(
  12. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Check this good video. In short,i think solution is:Disable Reseed Particles in Fluid Solver->Retime-> Mesh fluid will be helpful.
  13. SeExpr in Houdini

    So,the 1st request in Google Houdini+SeExpr. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/pxrseexpr.html
  14. SeExpr in Houdini

    Into Houdini or Mantra? If the target-Houdini,then as a part of Pixar RenderMan.