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  1. Sorry,I can’t test this now,but it should work,i did not have any troubles. Just thought,maybe you forgot to promote attribute to vertex,i think problem in this,it must always be done. Cd for example is core attribute so it promotes automatically,but in case with custom attributes u must do it.
  2. Strange extra manipulations. All u need is just to set Emission type in popsource as All Geometry.
  3. map uniform pattern on a geometry

  4. Random link of interest

    I am really dumb in math,but maybe skillful Houdini guys someday will make the implementation of this interesting method. https://github.com/mxgmn/WaveFunctionCollapse upd:It will be in Houdini!
  5. Check this. +now it is rather simple copy2points_newpipeline.hipnc
  6. Yep and i think it is even faster than compiled for-loops.
  7. As i know it will in 2.82 officially.
  8. I think there is USD support in Blender in experimental branches,why not to use it instead ABC?
  9. there and back again, a Render Journey

    Did you test 3Delight?I found it pretty much faster than cpu Arnold/Mantra/Renderman,x10+ on some tasks and it really wonder me.. https://www.3delight.com/ https://discord.gg/MGtJx4q https://gitlab.com/3Delight/3delight-for-houdini
  10. Nope,Blender able to pick any attribute name as you named it in Houdini,"Cd","blabla",etc.
  11. Help needed for making Gear Generator

    It is in russian,but maybe will be helpful:
  12. Tried to get mud surface effect with some reaction to the geometry without heavy simulations. iskalvlup_heightfields_mud_worms.hip
  13. + "It doesn't freeze Houdini and you don't have to close your editor to see the updated code applied on your parameter." http://cgtoolbox.com/houdini-expression-editor/
  14. Thank you,Konstantin,especially for amazing exhaustive link!
  15. Like that. https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/89719/how-to-render-an-inverse-panorama I want to bake for example fire as texture to cylinder with uv. And where the cylinder in this case acts as the "camera". I would be very grateful if you gave an example of setting up the shader for such baking. bake_start_point.hip
  16. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Maybe will be helpful. Why u just not attached the scene file? I am not skillful in fluids,but maybe anybody with exp can easy find the solution with scene file.(
  17. Retime Fluid Mesh

    Check this good video. In short,i think solution is:Disable Reseed Particles in Fluid Solver->Retime-> Mesh fluid will be helpful.
  18. SeExpr in Houdini

    So,the 1st request in Google Houdini+SeExpr. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/pxrseexpr.html
  19. SeExpr in Houdini

    Into Houdini or Mantra? If the target-Houdini,then as a part of Pixar RenderMan.
  20. Move points through the "center" of a SDF

    It's funny, but just today I read an article that can help. I know it is in russian, but math is a universal language.) https://habr.com/company/inobitec/blog/354702/
  21. Random link of interest

    Of course Jama Jurabaev is amazing artist,but i impressed by Grease Pencil as instrument in Blender for such concept flexible prototyping.
  22. Very strange,maybe before some version presets saved in somewhere else.Sorry,can check this.( However, I do not understand why not rewrite/recover them from scratch once again.
  23. Ok,but you can just type this presets manualy inside txt file,right?) It's syntax is very simple. Moreover, you do not need to edit the main VEXpression.txt. Easier to create your own in: 1Win)C:\Users\username\Documents 2:Linux)$HOME/houdiniX.X/