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  1. Issue with trail sop velocities

  2. Hi, I've object merge in my rbd sim and passing it through a trail sop to compute the velocity.The trail sop seems to be computing velocity before anything is moving in my sim,and the velocities are all over the place? Thanks a lot Josh
  3. Hi I’m working on a building destruction shot, and I’m trying to create a ‘clump’ point attribute using a Point Wrangle in a For Each Number loop(Which I’m struggling to get my head around) . I’ve used a Point Wrangle with the expression @clump = 1 + prim(1, "class", 0);. This should take the second input of the wrangle node and assign the value of the class attribute + 1, to the clump attribute, but the clump attribute is 0.0? I've attached my hipnc file so hopefully it makes a bit more sense. Thanks a lot! Josh BuildingDestruction_001.hipnc
  4. Hi, How do I find the name of a node to pass into the 'createNode()' function? I'm following a tutorial, and in it he writes: .createNode(“ifd”) to create a mantra node. But I can't figure out where I find this. I've printed the node using the ‘.asCode()’ function, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot
  5. This Might explain it a little better. On the node in the green circle the textures work fine. But after cleaning the attributes and the voronoi fracture, I use the same 'texturizer' node as before to set up the material for the texture and then assign the same texture. But I get a different result. The texture in the mortar doesn't line up with the stones. Thanks
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply. I've attached the files GroundExplosion_0002.bgeo.sc TexturesCom_MedievalCobblestone3_5x5_1024_albedo.tif TexturesCom_MedievalCobblestone3_5x5_1024_albedo.tif
  7. I've created a subnet that sets up the UVs for texturing and it works correctly, until I apply a Voronoi fracture node, after that the texture no longer aligns properly. I've attached my scene file. Thanks a lot! ImageBased_Destruction_Cobble_Test_003 .hip
  8. Why is Mantra so Slow

  9. Why is Mantra so Slow

    Hi, I'm trying to learn shading and rendering in Houdini, but I've just set up a simple scene with just a sphere, and it's taking up to 20 minutes to render it? Thanks
  10. Hi, Is it possible to export animated geometry (Alembic/ OBJ sequence etc) from Houdini Apprentice? Thanks a lot Josh
  11. Hi, I'm quite new to Houdini so, I'm probably doing something really wrong. When ever I go into my Dop network for my sim everything freezes up and it takes several minutes for any change to update, it's nearly impossible to work with. I've attached my scene File Thanks a lot Josh ImageBased_Destruction_Cobble_Test_002 .hipnc
  12. Here's the scene File: ImageBased_Destruction_Test .hipnc Thanks
  13. I'm confused the S and T inputs aren't on my Texture VOP. But I've stolen the Node from the tutorial project file and that has the S and T inputs, However the texture still doesn't show up. I've attached an image of how I've set it up, and the result. The points just go a light grey.
  14. Hi I'm following a tutorial and the Texture VOP Node has S and T inputs but mine doesn't. I'm using Houdini apprentice 17.0.325. I can't find the Inputs. I've looked in the help, and the node in there is different to mine (the same as in the tutorial). Basically what I have done, is feed points in to a uv texture node . Then that into an Attribute VOP, and inside the Attribute VOP, I've imported the points and converted them to float with a vectofloat node, then I would feed that into the S and T inputs? Thanks Josh