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  1. Hey guys. I have a problem with detaching bones in crowd sim when I create terrain adaptation. Everything is ok if the character is rigged inside Houdini with bones connected to each other but when I'm importing FBX file with animated character which has null's connected to bones then the foot and ankle's bones are detaching while simulating adaptation to terrain. Do you have an idea how to fix that problem? Example below.
  2. SOP Solver - Overwriting Parameters

    Ok. Sorry, it's my bad. It looks like it's multiplier Thanks a lot, it's working But why it's doing multiplication? How does it work?
  3. SOP Solver - Overwriting Parameters

    Hmm. Actually it's not a multiplier. If there's value 300 in wire object and @klinear = 1; in sopsolver then the value is much closer to 1 then 300.
  4. Hey. I have a problem with overwriting values from wire object in SOP Solver. If klinear parameter (Linear Spring Constant) is set to 300 in wire object and then I'm writing inside sopsolver in point wrangle @klinear = 300; just for test, then my simulation looks different, less stabile (?). Why is that happening? This is the same value so it should be the same sim. I was trying to put sopsolver before and after the wire solver and there was the same situation.