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  1. I agree. The patched geforce drivers under Windows is faster than drivers in Linux. The only real slow down I've noticed in Houdini is the icons redrawing themselves quite poorly. Still it'll be fun to experiment with Houdini in this OS. Haven't had any luck finding a softquadro patch under linux.
  2. Are there any advantages to using Softquadro 4 on a Geforce 3 rather than simply using Rivatuner which gives you the locked features of the card anyway? I tried both and didn't notice a difference. Also, I'm curious if Houdini would run better under win2k with patched geforce drivers compared to running under linux without driver patches. I'm planning on experimenting with linux regardless so I guess I'll find out soon enough anyways.
  3. I agree. I have both the Art of Maya and Learning Maya. They are great books. Thing is, I find myself never wanting to use Maya anymore Something I've found useful though is to take the tutorials and concepts in those books and try to apply them to Houdini. I'd certainly purchase anything put out there for Houdini and if something is in the works it'll be great news for everyone.
  4. Yes, if this happens it will be pretty exciting. Here is a link from the man that will be providing this if indeed it does go through: training idea Most of you guys are already experienced Houdini users but for those of us that are new to the software it could prove invaluable. Here's to hoping it happens.

    Hey Todd, I'm a newbie myself at Houdini but have been VERY impressed with the Apprentice and the learning materials included. It's by far the best free deal out there. I'm curious to know more about the introductory course that you took. You mentioned that you built a rollercoaster. Would it happen to be the same tutorial bundled with Apprentice? How long was the course and what was the cost? Do you think it's worth it? I might be looking into taking some classes myself. Cheers!
  6. Houdini on Mandrake 8.2

    Hi Kayos, I don't use linux myself but I thought I'd reply and direct you to the community forums at http://www.sidefx.com if you can't find a solution here. I believe that there are already some threads regarding Houdini and Linux posted. Good luck.
  7. I'm trying to import a model that was created in Wings 3D and exported as an .obj file into Apprentice using the File SOP but when I load it I get an error that states it is unable to read the file. Clicking on the icon for help shows that obj files are supported so I'm a little puzzled as to why it would allow the import. Any suggestions? Thanks edit: The problem was a space in the path to the file.
  8. ILM and Houdini

    Well since I've only had Apprentice for a little while I don't really know it that well at all. I'm assuming they would use it primarily for it's particles system.
  9. Apprentice: Thanks VisLab!

    Ditto what Jason said. Thanks Vislab! This will certainlyhelp in the distribution of Apprentice. I've already started a thread at 3D Buzz about the news and have seen one at CG Talk. These are the two most heavily populated forums I can think of at the moment. Hope their servers can handle the load.
  10. ILM and Houdini

    Yeah, that's true. I guess if a tool does the job that needs to be done then that's what you use. I'd like to read more about how Houdini fits into their pipeline over there.
  11. ILM and Houdini

    I was reading a thread posted on CG Talk that linked to http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5299 discussing a possible move to Linux at ILM. The last paragraph states that they are using Houdini Select. I was curious why they would be using select instead of Master. Surely they can afford the difference in cost. Any thoughts?
  12. Renderman, I don't think we should be spamming Side FX regarding this issue. I know you were kidding but they are well aware of the situation as it was talked about at Siggraph. My guess is that some training material is in development atm on their part, perhaps along the lines of A|W's Learning Tools? Who knows... would be cool though.
  13. Actually, it's kinda crazy... Jason Busby (aka Buzz, owner of 3d Buzz.com) has paid for everything out of his own pocket. I mean Discreet, Softimage and Alias Wavefront haven't sponored him but yet he's already managed to put out issues for each one of them. Softimage was gracious enough to give him XSI 2.0 advanced so that he could provide training for them. I believe that Newtek and Maxon donated software as well but he hasn't released any discs for Lightwave or Cinema as of yet. He will continue to send out discs for as long as he is able (doesn't run out of money) in hopes that some of the bigger companies will take notice and help to support him. Renderosity ran a spotlight on him April 8th - 14th and he was also featured on tech tv's site of the nite a few months back. Anyways, I think what he's doing is pretty awesome for anyone wanting to learn cg. Sure, it would be great if he could do issues on Houdini but even if he doesn't, I'm sure that great tutorials will become available for it in the near future produced by others.
  14. maya everywhere

    If only Side FX had the advertising power of A|W. Well they are targeting gamers now and that's quite a large demographic. I was using Maya PLE but eventually got somewhat frustrated with the watermarks in the viewports. Apprentice has been fantastic. I just wish I knew more about programming so that I could really get to experience the power behind it.
  15. Hey Renderman, Nice to see you here! I didn't think anyone read my comments at 3d Buzz I also noticed your question on the SideFX board but figured I'd answer here. I'm very much a beginner to cg and quite often get overwhelmed with how much there is to know but keep plugging away just the same. Yeah, I use Wings, mostly because it's free and it's very capable as a dedicated polygonal modeler. I was using Maya PLE and XSI Experience but PLE stopped performing for me after a few months and I encountered nothing but problems with it. Experience is just too crippled being save disabled so Houdini Apprentice is just awesome. Side FX has done something quite amazing with Apprentice. How sweet it is to be able to learn Houdini in such an unrestricted way. I just love how everything is laid out. For me, it's become my favorite user interface. And it's so quick when you make changes! I think when you go through the tutorials, you'll get the same feelings I got and say wow this is really sweet! Like I said, I'm new to it and obviously have an enormous amout to learn. I just like getting in there and playing with everything. Like Alex said on the other board, don't expect it to behave like Maya or XSI. At first I was like why the heck am I adding a cube, then deleting a cube and then adding another cube.. hehe you'll understand what I'm talking about when you get Apprentice. It does make sense though and you'll begin to appreciate the way Houdini does things. The tutorials that come with it are very good and get you up to speed very quickly. Good luck with it. arctor, yes there will be a video on polygonal head modeling in Houdini next month. It's very good as it will give people insight to Houdini's polygonal toolset and explores proceduralism with one example of workflow for constructing a head. Plus, Apprentice should come bundled on the disc as well.