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  1. FLIP collision error

    Yes it does.
  2. FLIP collision error

    Hello. I'm having a problem trying to make viscous FLIP fluids collide with an alembic mesh. When the geometry approaches the fluid, the fluid collides with some kind of "bounding box" instead of the object itself. I've tried different collision approaches, proxy volume, surface, ray intersect... I've also tried changing the Collision Detection method on the FLIP solver, and reducing the surface extrapolation. I can't attach example but I hope the question is self explanatory. Thanks in advance.
  3. small scale flip fluid splash.

    The sim is pretty good, I specially enjoy how the colors blend on the collision. Maybe the only thing I'd improve is the mesh flicker. For this kind of sims I've found really useful to turn off reseed particles on the FLIP solver and turn on limit refinement on the particlefluidsurface node and set it to 0 or even use Spherical method, and then play with the filters until I get a good result. The mesh flicker using this technique on viscous fluids is almost unnoticeable. Anyways, good job!