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  1. Houdini 9 Screenshot ?

    nope - that's DOPs :-p
  2. Adding Scripts To Rmb Click-menu

    Just as I was coming back to post "Nevermind, I found it!"... But thanks Adam!
  3. Backticks Inside Backticks

    Wait for H9 & Python
  4. Using Op:/ To Reference Stuff - No Luck

    First off, how's SESI treating ya, Alvin? And as for your problem... I don't know *exactly* why using op syntax won't work, but until someone corrects me I'll speculate as to why it won't work... My simple guess is that mantra is unaware of operators inside of Houdini. When you tell Houdini to render a scene, it launches mantra and a bare-bones description of your scene/objects to be rendered. Houdini doesn't pass off a list of operators and expressions you wrote to generate the objects- only the final result. Houdini didn't realize it needed your "add1" SOP cooked because you only requested the add1 SOP in your shader - and your shader only gets called at render. Even if your add1 SOP was cooked, mantra would probably be confused by the op syntax since I believe it is only useful inside of Houdin. But honestly, I'm making this up as I go (sure sounds good though!) Regardless, you have a working solution - write out the .bgeo's to disk and read those in. If you're absolutely determined to use op syntax, then you could transfer your VOP network over to a VEX SOP Definition - and then you'll see it works just fine with the op syntax. (I tried it - works like a charm). Best of luck - and give everyone at SESI my best regards, --Brian
  5. Dry Soil Cracks

    Very nice. Some constructive criticism: The cracks appear to 'fade in' - as opposed to erode in... perhaps have it erode from left to right, instead of all evenly? Or maybe a lot more smaller cracks? The rotation is a bit rough. The little dents (that are persistent through the whole animation) scream bump-map - or like a low-res texture map? All in all, very nice. Can't wait to see the next revision.
  6. Alright... I'm confused - did you want to do DOPs or not? If you wanted to use DOPs then you could stilll use some of this approach, but not all. I hope this helps. explosion.hip (You really gotta love copy stamping)
  7. Alternative: I'd recommend using DOPs But if it absolutely has to be particles, here's how I would approach it: In short, I'd use copy stamping to do the bulk of the work for me, with each iteration through the (copy) loop adding 1 point to the mesh, and that 1 point would be at the center for one of the objects. Then I'd birth 1 particle from each point, and use another copy stamp loop to copy the geometry back on. If that doesn't make any sense at all, let me know and the next time I boot into Windows (I'm in OSX) I'll work up an example file.
  8. H9 Users' Video Tutorial Project.

    I can't think of any *really* good CG fire period... I did kind of like Sony's fire on the plane from Superman, though... but even still it didn't feel quite right.
  9. Sop Solver Problem

    I'm trying to use the SOP Solver to cut holes in a torus with a Cookie SOP and a particle network (simulated in DOPs). It's not working. sopsolver.hip What makes it interesting, if you go into /obj/dopnet1/cook_torus/ and unbypass the polyreduce1 SOP then, jump back into DOPs (and bypass, unbypass any DOP node to force a recook), and hit play - you'll see the simulation is successfuly reducing the geometry of the torus. Also, if you play through the DOP simulation, then jump into the cook_torus SOP network and play it, you'll see the torus have the appropriate holes cut into it. Any ideas as to what is wrong?
  10. Sop Solver Problem

    Thanks ben - I'll take a look!
  11. Variable Ain't Work

    Yup, just checked it, eval($YO) works.
  12. Variable Ain't Work

    I think you could also use: eval($YO)
  13. Ifd Script Generator

    cool, i'll have to check that out. thanks kubabuk
  14. Get Vector From Point Exp

    it's either: length( point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 0), point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 1), point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 2)) or length( vector3( point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 0), point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 1), point("/obj/mynode", $PT, "v", 2))) I forget if length() requires a vector or 3 floats as the argument...
  15. There are still a few more seats available for Friday's free Houdini 101 course. Details about the course, as well as how to sign up can be viewed here: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com...&Itemid=215
  16. 1/26/06 - Free Houdini 101

    Well, I'm still waiting on the course evaluations to come back - but initial reactions were quite positive. Houdini can be a hard thing to wrap your mind around, at least initially, and a couple of students seemed to be having a difficult time with this (as usual), but the rest of the students seemed to be getting it.
  17. Aren't there two commands, one to unlock an HDA, and another to relock it (w/o saving)? So you could unlock your HDA, rewire the internals / add your File SOP, etc - then lock it? Also, would it be such a bad thing if your HDA remained unlocked (i.e. are you planning on distributing this to a bunch of artists, or is it for personal use)?
  18. H9 Users' Video Tutorial Project.

    Not everyone is using H8...
  19. Point Cloud Christmas

    I seem to have the same problem - I can't get point cloud textures to work on anything but Geometry Operators - not Surface Shaders. Perhaps when in shaders, the specified point cloud texture has to be in some specific format? .bgeo, geo, obj? Anybody have any ideas to where we're going wrong?
  20. Geeky Fact

    Hahaha, that's awesome.
  21. Filtering Texture Maps In Vex

    No matter how extreme I set the values to, my image doesn't seem to blur. Neither am I seemingly able to change the filter method ("box", "point", etc), so I assume something is wrong with my code despite the fact that I don't get any errors and the shader successfully renders with a texture map: Cf= texture(texmap, uv.x, uv.y, "filter", filter, "width", width); Another related question: if I only wanted a specific channel (say the alpha channel), how would I access that?
  22. Filtering Texture Maps In Vex

    Absolutely, thanks steven! And if anybody knows of a more efficient way to get a specific channel from an image, please let me know as I'm still looking.
  23. Ambient()

    As a wonderful Christmas present, I received the Advanced Renderman book and I've been plowing through it full-speed. Now that I'm back at home/work, I've been trying to actually implement a lot of the shaders in VEX (mostly from memory to see if I really understand them). But I hit a problem-spot early on with the ambient function. Here's what I've tried: The problem is my_ambient always returns 0 - no lights are getting passed through the luminance loop. If I change the argument LIGHT_AMBIENT to LIGHT_AMBIENT|LIGHT_DIFFUSE|LIGHT_SPECULAR - then it will loop through any other normal lights I have in the scene (and sum up their values), but still not the ambient light. So I know it's something small/simple, but I can't figure it out. By the way, is there anyway to see what Houdini's built-in ambient() looks like?
  24. Ambient()

    Thanks for the quick reply Mario
  25. Wiimote

    *Awesome* What all did you need to get this set up? (Besides a Wii-mote, which my new roommates have...)