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  1. Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean

    Thank you so much. I'll take a look at it!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate a cruise moving across the ocean. I did few tests but haven't get the result I'm looking for. I need some help and advice from the community. Here are two of tests I did: FLIP tank size:130*15*140 Particle Sep: 0.15 Grid Scale: 2 The first with Reseeding On, the second one with reseeding off. https://vimeo.com/259249552 https://vimeo.com/259249724 Not sure which part went wrong in my settings. Both videos have FLIP particles pushed out so much and unable to maintain the shape it should be. Here is the image similar to what I'm looking for. I also attached the hip file. B_cruise_11_a.hiplc
  3. www.haowang47.com

  4. Hi everyone, I'm a recent graduate from school looking for my first job as an FX artist in VFX Industry. I found out that most FX artist positions ask for few years of production experience using Houdini. I had two interviews last week and I think the reason I'm not hired is mostly because of my lack of production experience. Does anyone have any advice for students who just graduate from school and looking for the first job as a FX artist? Here is my reel. Any critiques are welcome! https://vimeo.com/246195006