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  1. Object rising from viscous tank

    Update: Atom, I have tried the setup and it did the job slowing particle down but isn't be able to create the viscous feel. I have tried different ways to make the object colliding with FLIP tank with viscosity but it doesn't seem to work at all. I also notice that the liquid related shots in Ghost in the Shell are not continues shots. Which means they(MPC) might don't actually made the CG object rising from the pool but starts the shot after it's already above the surface and emitting particles from the body... But what if I need a continues shot from under the fluid surface to above? Does anyone have thoughts about this?
  2. Object rising from viscous tank

    Hi! Have anyone done any object rising from a viscous pool effect like the one in ghost in the shell? I have tried to do the like the same way as none viscosity case but it doesn't work at all. And I can't find any Houdini viscosity test like what I'm looking for. Most of the tests are pouring fluid on an object. I wonder if this is beyond Houdini's capability... Any suggestion will help a lot! I'm almost giving up working on viscosity in this situation.
  3. Object rising from viscous tank

    Thanks! I have checked the file, it seems to be a great start faking viscosity.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make each connected points(@class) being deleted overtime when they above XZ plan. I made a bounding sphere for each @class and copy to itself with decreasing @pscale when it's above the plan. And delete the points outside the sphere. It works well when I set it to "single pass" but it works totally wrong when merges all iterations together... I have attached an example file below, it'll be fantastic if someone can help me out with this. sopsolver_in_loop.hip
  5. Ghost in the Shell liquid FX

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a project simulating similar liquid effect like the open sequence in Ghost in the Shell. I wonder if there is any tip to achieve something like that. Is it as straightforward as animating the collision geometry with a little bit viscosity? It doesn't seem to be that easy since I need a very thin layer to cover the geometry. Any tip or thought are welcome!
  6. FX Artist


  7. Tornado

    Nice! Thanks for sharing this.
  8. Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean

    Thank you so much. I'll take a look at it!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate a cruise moving across the ocean. I did few tests but haven't get the result I'm looking for. I need some help and advice from the community. Here are two of tests I did: FLIP tank size:130*15*140 Particle Sep: 0.15 Grid Scale: 2 The first with Reseeding On, the second one with reseeding off. https://vimeo.com/259249552 https://vimeo.com/259249724 Not sure which part went wrong in my settings. Both videos have FLIP particles pushed out so much and unable to maintain the shape it should be. Here is the image similar to what I'm looking for. I also attached the hip file. B_cruise_11_a.hiplc
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a recent graduate from school looking for my first job as an FX artist in VFX Industry. I found out that most FX artist positions ask for few years of production experience using Houdini. I had two interviews last week and I think the reason I'm not hired is mostly because of my lack of production experience. Does anyone have any advice for students who just graduate from school and looking for the first job as a FX artist? Here is my reel. Any critiques are welcome! https://vimeo.com/246195006