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  1. Hi there, I am trying to project a texture onto an UV unwrapped object through the projection camera and then bake the projected texture on the original object UVs. However, when I do it, the uvtexture node gives me new UVs used for projection than the original object UVs. I would appreciate any tips how can I bake it out on the original object UVs. I attached my setup in a file below. Many thanks for any tips! uvprojectionbake.hip
  2. Hi there. I am struggling with setting up the following: I have 2 points and I need to create a position/rotation vector from them to attach a new geometry onto the vector. I have got to the point where I have the new object aligned with the vector and I get a correct position and rotation, however I also get a random rotation along the object's own axis. (in an attached file it's the tube which is randomly rotating around it's own X axis. Any help would be appreciated, see the attached set up in the file. Many thanks! Adrianna vector_01.hipnc
  3. Thank you so much, that solves my problem
  4. Yes, I need to deform my 'leaf normals' so that they match the deformed vine.
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with wrong point normals. Basically I have an L-system vine which I am deforming with Wire Deform SOP. I am separating the 'anchor points' of the leaves and I want to add the leaves back after the Wire Deform SOP (if I keep the leaves geometry together, the wire deform screws up the leaf geometry). I also want to do it this way, as I want to control the leaves animation and growth with copy stamping which won't be possible if I keep everything together. But if I separate the anchor points and then add the leaves back with copy SOP, the point normals are different that those I would get if I deform the whole L-system together. I hope it makes sense, any suggestions how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. I attached screenshots and my .hip file with both set ups. Correct normals, screwed up geo: Wrong normals, correct geo normals_lsystem_problem.hipnc
  6. Thank you Atom, turning off pack node was the solution! I have another question - I am using carve node to grow the vine, however the animation is not smooth, I have tried different ways, but can't get it to work smoothly. It jitters back and forth a little. I reference the resample node points on my curve in the generations number of L-system (green nodes) and the capturing curve is the same length as the L-system and it has as many points as my deformed curve. Any suggestions? I attached my updated hip file and a video. growing_lsystem_vines_04.hipnc
  7. Hello everyone. I am working on a growing vines effect with the use of L-system. I want my L-system to be deformed by the curve and controlled with carve SOP. I have set up the initial network, however the main problem I encounter is the fact that the leaves anchor points are deformed in the way that it doesn't match the L-system branches. (see the screengrabs) Non-deformed L-system Deformed L-system with non-matching leaves I attached my hip file, any help would be appreciated: growing_lsystem_vines_01.hipnc
  8. Hi everyone, My aim is to create the animated blossoming flower and some vines hanging from the trees. At the moment I am working with L-system to procedurally generate vines and so far I am happy with the results, however I would like to ask you if you have any suggestions on how to approach the flower blossom effect. Whad do you think would be the best way to create flower petals and the leaves and how to make them appear when the plant grows? Here is the reference video (made in 3ds max and cloth)
  9. Hi, I am working on a project which involves flatenning the 3d geometry. In my case it is a 3d bird which I then flatten wit point SOP and give it value 0 in Z. then I want to extrude it to give the flat geometry thickness. (see the attached images). In order to get my shader (stained glass) to work correctly I have to get rid of the inner points/edges which are causing problems while rendering.I would like to leave the outlines only. Since the model was flattened, there are some intersecting points and edges. I have tried fuse and facet SOP but with no luck. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi, I have a problem which I don't know how to solve. In short I have a geometry objects which are grouped in few different groups. My objective is to use PRIMITIVE SOP after grouping the primitives, but I would like the groups to act as though each of them is a primitive. In the attached example, the pink group is group_01, the rest is group_02 and if I apply PRIMITIVE SOP to it and do some translations, I would like to move the grouped primitives together. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Like this
  11. Hello everyone, I am working on a stained glass shatter effect and I have a question regarding making the passive geometry (not simulated to shatter) to add a trembling effect to it. Basically the central part of the window is going to break while the rest stays in place but when the shatter starts the rest glass pieces will shake a little bit. I created central points of the pieces and can control the shake with point jitter, but I don't know how to copy the geometry back to transformed centroids. Is it the right approach or would you recommend something else? Attached screenshot of my network
  12. Hello everyone, I recently have come up with an idea for a project which involves a stained glass window shattering into pieces. I was wondering if you could suggest me the best ways to approach it. The idea is that the bird from the window is going to break into pieces, move forward and freeze in the air and them break into finer pieces. I attached a concept art image. And the effect I am looking for was inspired by Young Sherlock Holmes film from 1985 in the scene with Stained Glass Knight - 1:08 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKb61j8P4fU). The stained glass design will be created by me so I can also create alpha mask for it to use with a TRACE SOP to create the geometry.
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