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  1. if you still need a solution on this can you add a simple example of what you are trying to achieve?
  2. Help with Python hierarchy syntax

    Your last line could be simplified to newpoint.setPosition(position). Since you are storing the newly created point in a variable you can go straight and use all the hou.Point() functions. Print the newpoint variable and you'll see that it is a hou.Point() object. In this way you don't need the index of the point since this is stored in the newpoint variable already.
  3. how to create node inside the locked asset?

    Hi jingaa I am assuming by tool you mean an hda/otl? If this is the case then you might want to make the solver an editable node inside the hda? Probably if you do this it will allow you to create new nodes.
  4. Expression challenge

    Hey Artemis the expression should be something along those lines if I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve: if(ch("../insetDepth")*0.5%2==0,fit(ch("../insetDistanceFromrear"),2,15,-8.25,-1.75)+0.5,fit(ch("../insetDistanceFromrear"),2,15,-8.25,-1.75)) the only part I am not sure about is what drives the addition or subtraction of 0.5. Should there be another if statement there? If you need to add even more code in the expression I would definitely try to do it in a wrangle cause it starts to get massive already Hope that helps!
  5. Hi There, I am trying to procedurally grab an operator from an array ex. array("*","+","/","-") and use it inside a loop to do a simple calculation. Here is an example: string operators[] = array("*","+"); f@tmp = 1; for(int i=0;i<chi("iter");i++){ f@tmp `operators`= 2; //how do I convert the operators result to something meaningful for vex? } When I use an "i" as an index it doesnt error but it ignores whatever is inside the ``. If I add 0 as an index I am getting an error. I have managed to make it work with an ordered menu by using `chs("orderedMenu")` and that works fine, although is not as flexible. In my case I don't want to use this approach cause I am going to end up with various different ordered menus. I would prefer if I could store the values of the ordered menus in an array and run it in a loop. Probably I don't understand the difference of the result between the ordered menu and the array and I am not even sure whether what I am trying to do is valid. If anyone could help with this would be great! I have attached a simple example in case anyone would like to have a look. Thanks in advance guys, Kostas operators_example_1.hipnc
  6. Wire Capture Custom Lookup value

    thank you very much Edward for the explanation. I managed to work it out with a custom value. I have to apologise because I found your post in the houdini forum as well after I wrote here, which is of great help. https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=6702&highlight=wire+capture+lookup I am attaching the file as an example, just in case someone new to Houdini needs a custom radius along the wirecapture. Thanks again wireCapture_v002.hip
  7. Wire Capture Custom Lookup value

    Hi guys, I am trying to assign a custom value on the lookup parameter in the wire capture node so that I can get a custom radius. I have created a primitive attribute named u but I can't figure out how to connect it to the lookup attribute. I've been reading the help pop up but I am still confused. Any thoughts? I have attached a simple test scene. Thank you wireCapture_v001.hip