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  1. Scatter Point on deforming object

    @flcc Nice Thx alot that does work better indeed . We are definitly getting closer to the solution. Wonder if the is a procedural way to do it . Cause i'm planning to use that set up on different shot.
  2. Scatter Point on deforming object

    Hi Karanjaura, thx alot for the fast answer. This does work for a movinggeo. But my problem is because the topology of the geo changes when i scatter the point it s like the get rebrith on each frame.
  3. Hey guys , i have been trying to scatter some point on a moving and deforming object. Everytime i do so the point keep on changing and moving and doesnt seem to stick. I try so many different way but still doesn't work. I attach a simple hip with my scene . Could you guys help me out please Test_Revealing.hip
  4. Hey guys , I'm trying to make an object float on waves . I finally manage to get some motion but it doesn't feel natural yet . How can i make it follow the wave rotation motion too. I try to add normals but maybe i don't do it well cause nothing change Do you guy have any idea what i'm I missing ? Floating.hipnc floating.mov
  5. Pop advect by volume

    Thx alot
  6. Underwater explosion

    Hey guys , I'm doing some RnD to achieve a underwater explosion . I found this reference : I was wondering if any of you has some advices on how to achieve the same effect . I was think of adding Viciousity on my pyro . But the part i'm not sure how to do , is when the explosion comes back and then turn into smoke. thank
  7. Pop advect by volume

    Hey guys , I was trying to reproduce the first effect like in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZBvhGWVtP0&feature=share I did a pyro sim to have basic mouvement but now im tying to use particles on it too look more like the video . I did some search and heard about Pop advect by volume , but when use that i wasn't able to have a good result. Here's what i have so far , I was wondering if anyone can help me out with this please . Thanks SHOCKWAVE_Neo.hipnc Shockwave.mov
  8. VOP NOISE with Alembic

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Jesus my savior !!! That makes alot of sense! Thx to you i will do an amazing sim!!!
  9. Hi guys , I'm trying to add a simple noise color on a animated Alembic . For some reason when the abc move the noise move also even tho i didnt put no animation on it ( almost as if it doesn't understand the abc is in the world ) I try to unpack the abc and convert aussi to poly but still no luck . The only time it work is when i connect the ptnum ( instead of the P ) to the factral noise Pos in the attributeVOP . But when i do so the noise looks very bad and it's not smooth anymore ( 2 pic) does anyone know how can i fix this ? thank you
  10. Time reverse effect

    Yeah i was actualy trying with the timeshift but i had no idea how this thing worked ;_;
  11. Time reverse effect

    Hey guys , I was wondering how can i make a time reverse effect . Let's say i have a bgeo sim and i want to go from begining to end and at a certain point i want it to go backward . Thank you
  12. How to do 360 View for VR

    Thx alot , it sound very cool . I tried to use it as u said with 2 spheres but when i render , it gives me something like that the attachement Not realy sure if im using it the proper way .
  13. Hey guys , Anyone know if it's possible to a 360 video directly in Houdini without having to use unreal ? Like this :
  14. Hey guys , I'm a new houdini user and i was trying to create a sim like this : I tried different ways but can't seem to get to this result. first , i tried to create a plane which i emited some particules from. Then i use copy with a sphere and converted everything into VDB everything was going well till i try to add some viscosity on the flipfluid and then nothing move anymore i don't know why (check lavaremake file) I then try to do the bubbles manualy by animating some sphere , but then i'm not able to make them have the same look . Here the exemple of what i did so far (lavalmanual + video-both) Last , I try to play with the mesh ( in the particlefluidsurface) but then it does a very weird reaction ( video Splash) . E xcuse my english not my first language , sorry about that guys , i hope i explained it well..... , if anyone can help me will be much appriciated . Thank you laveremake.hipnc Lavalmanual.hipnc both.mov Splash.mov