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  1. Hello! I defined a custom vex function in Attribute Wrangle node, and i can call it only from this node, when i call it from different Attribute Wrangle node i get Undefined Function error. Is there a way to declare a function in one node and to call it from the other node? The only way i found is to use external files with the #include filename.
  2. Hello, friends! I`ve got some issues when started coding in vex with the default float type attribute creation, so i got a habit to always set the attribute type, even in calculations, to prevent the possibility of attribute type errors. Like this for example: v@direction = v@initial_position - v@P; It works fine, and i am really comfortable with it, but I wonder is it correct in the meaning of 1) Good programming style. 2) VEX language work under the hood - maybe VEX is re-declaring the attributes again, when they are used in this way. Thank you!
  3. How to convert edges to geometry

    Thank you, sir, thats the exact result that i wanted to achieve!
  4. How to convert edges to geometry

    Hello, how can i get something like this effect. Any ideas? I tried this approach http://www.si-community.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=5734 but noe very satisfied with results i get.
  5. Attributes in Houdini Tutorial

    Hello friends, yet another explanation of attributes in Houdini. Hope you will find it useful ))
  6. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    Спасибо! Ну конечно ))
  7. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    Hello friends, here is the second part.
  8. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    Привет, привет ))) Рад тебя видеть )) Ну да, долговато конечно. Как ты ? Пиши на vimeo. Я написал в личку еще тебе
  9. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    Hello, friends, i started a new tutorial. Not very original, but i hope you`ll find something useful.