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  1. Engine does not support 64 bit attributes, as far as I know. You'd probably have to pack into 32 bit integers and then do unpacking on your host side if you went that route.
  2. -DMAKING_DSO is just a define passed to a compiler, it has to be there, so just pass it along There's a bunch of defines that have to be there in order for DSO to be built, check my CMakeLists.txt file.
  3. Did anyone find a good way to install vex plugins without actually modifying the Program Files Houdini installation? I always modify the VEXdso file in Houdini folder in Program Files (by adding a path to the vex dso to be loaded), but is there a better way? If I create a new VEXdso file in my documents/Houdini15.5/vex/ it never gets processed. But custom dsos (not vex) installed in my documents/Houdini15.5/dso seem to load just fine. Thanks.
  4. I think you are supposed to do it in Cygwin, anyways. Also, try running it in msvc 2015 x64 tools cmd line window (not sure if that will work though). Another thing you can do is, run hcustom, it has a parameter which dumps all flags, defines, etc, passed to compiler. You can then manually set up your own project using those (that's how I set up the CMake stuff mentioned above).
  5. We have no issues building (and running vs 15.5) HDK plugins using vs 2015 update 3. We do not use hcustom, however. Never encountered a compiler crash while building an HDK plugin using vs 2015 update 3 (SOP/COP/ROP/VEX/VOP) either.
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