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  1. get attribute of selected points in python

    i have an array attribute like, i[]@my_attrib. and this has values inside. but each time i have a fatal error and crash, after geo.pointFloatAttribValues("my_attrib"). any suggestions?. generic.hip
  2. vex function cross

    yeah thats the way it is . thank you.
  3. vex function cross

    Hello, i got N and edge dir(Normal is {0,0,1}. in point wrangle v@my_cross = cross(@N,@edge_dir); i dont get any result from that. in spread sheet, @my_cross variable is zero. doing same in vops Works. what do i do wrong?
  4. fur clumpdensity

    you are a life saver. cool man cool.
  5. fur clumpdensity

    hi guys. how can i manipulate density parameter under clump folder. as this is acting globally, is there a way to manipulate this data for getting some randomness. i havent found any calculation using this parameter, under any of the cvex shaders. need a little help on this. cheers
  6. use the scripts on that site. http://www.nukepedia.com/python-scripts/import-export/fromhoudini2nuke/ On nuke side be sure Your houdini and nuke pixel aspect is the same. On default houdini camera it is 1 to 1 Camera>view>screen window size 1 1. if somehow your nuke script aspect ratio is other than, whatever your houdini cam is, there will be some lags possibly on x orientation. so as to overcome with this, just type whatever the ratio you are working on nuke(1.067 maybe),to the imported houdini cams,"window scale V" parameter under projection tab. you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
  7. Projected Texture Manipulation

    Hey Owl, thats it. thank you. far more better than maya's.
  8. Hello, I projected an image to my surface. I want to cleanup the swimming areas, as well as, problematic captured parts in photoshop, but i dont know how to save this image as it is projected to the surface according to its uv's. "Save Texture To Image" is only saving out the uv map alone. not the projected texture according to this uv map. Could you please head me to the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  9. Camera - Nuke

    Hi, you better check your "overscan" under "displayoptions". it may cause this, if its value is other then 1.
  10. Dictionary

    thank you so much sir.
  11. Dictionary

    Hello there; is there a kind of source available about, what the symbols are meaning and how to use them and how many of them such as; * means all * ^bla means everything but bla bla1[123] means bla11 bla12 bla13 bla* means everything begining with bla and what other we have. is there a one page description or so ,available for those somewhere? thank you.
  12. Boolean type Attribute?

    thank you. I am very poor on CHOPS, if this is the only way to go, it seems i need to dig it.
  13. Hi. In sop level, when a condition is happened i want an variable fixed and never ever change once the condition is satisfied. suppose that there is a xform sin($FF*5) is on its TY. TY will be periodicaly greater and lower than 1 many times. what i want is when the first time TY is greater than 1 i want to fix some attribute. just like in modifydata DOP. Thanks in advance.
  14. Window break

    although there are many other ways to drive an rbd sim, transferring color info from sop level may work(may be it is the most primitive way, i have no idea). here i attach the file which may give you some idea to achive your task. some attribcreates may not be neceserry though. color_to_DOPS.hipnc
  15. strange gravity with multisolver

    Allright, i've re-setup my scene as it is told in help docs. it is working on that kind of things. but what if i have a softbody effect on my sop via popnet. in that case it is not reading gravity again. ok. while writing i asked myself why not to use the exact same procedure with popnet popsolver instead of sopnet sopsolver. i tried that and its working. but how can i fracture this pop product. try to dop import and i've done the rest. but i think i dont have enough life time to see whats going on at frame2(if this is right way to go.)