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  1. swirly lines catching object moving

    try to convert airplane to VDB and use Curl Noise with VDB input in the POP VOP
  2. Vellum properties for different groups

    how about two or more 'Constrain property' nodes inside Solver, related to different groups?
  3. Stagger point attributes

    if I understand correctly, yoy may to create new stream with condition 'if(i@ptnum == @Frame)ingroup = 1;'
  4. Join meshes together smooth transition

    try to bridge two sets of polygons
  5. Great. Call to Moritz.
  6. there`s another efficient way (from Entagma) 1. in Voronoi - turn on Exterior Group "Outside" 2. in Foreach ( on Prims) - create Detail attribute i@del = 0; 3. if prim is in Outside group, then set @del =1 to whole Detail 4. promote @del from Detail to Prim 5. Blast
  7. In a vellum simulation, how can I adjust friction?

    Try to add @friction = 0 to collider object
  8. Krakatoa type effect with POP in Mantra

    There is PRT Rop to save your particle simulation as PRT sequense, than rendering in Max or Cinema with Krakatoa
  9. Houdini to .PRT or .BIN

    Hamp, I watched this video but Krakatoa is render particles 100 times faster cos Houdini is consider particles as a geo objs, while Krakatoa as a pixels
  10. Hello. Im interesting to export a Houdini particles to render in Krakatoa, I was looking for an opportunity to do so but I found only a pretty old stuffs like that http://dhel-vfx.blogspot.ru/2010/05/houdini-pop-to-krakatoa-prt.html Is there any new features? To work witn Houdini15.
  11. Making Origami in Houdini part 1

    привет, очень интересно, когда-то мы с тобой общались по поводу XSI, затем ты исчез, и вот встречаю тебя туточки Долгий был эксодус