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  1. Perfect it's working ! Thanks
  2. Hi everyone ! I'm trying to display the date with a font sop using python but I'm a total noob with using python. I've found some pieces of information over odforce but I can't make it work. So far I've manage to make python work inside the font SOP but the lines I'm using sending me "none" instead of giving the date. When I'm using the same script in the Python Shell it works. I feel like I'm missing something important but I don't know what. import datetime date = datetime.datetime.now() str(date) Thanks ! Od_PythonDate.hip
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm looking for way to do this : I've managed to have the look and an animation I wanted but I'm struggling to have a really clean mesh while doing the extrudes of the waves. I've tried several way to do this and I feel like I'm really close but I'm stuck on connecting the primitives between themsleves. I've transfered Ids from the starting grid to the result and I've tried to connect them with an Add SOP, but I'm stuck on how to make a real primitive instead of a just a line. Does somebody knows how to do ? Maybe there is another way to proceed, I've thought about the polybridge SOP or maybe the polyloft SOP but I don't know how to use them properly. Thanks ! Loris wavesToConnect.hip