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  1. sorry to dredge this but I'm also looking how to do this I have a simple replication of your steps, 2x grids of 10x10 size 10x6 divisions facet set to primitives and 'Unique Points' checked The 'Name' SOP adding a 'name' Attribute (this doesn't show in geometry spreadsheet, but does show in middle mouse click) The 'Pack' node attribute wrangle... New to houdini so still trying to get my head around most of this, I'll also be applying this to a curve so this may not work for me. Will look at curveu? or another way to randomly chop prims. Thanks Ant
  2. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    Thank you both, this exactly what I was after, after searching I saw orientalongcurve was part of the new sweep node, I just have no idea how to implent it, this is exactly what I was after so thank you, I now have a smooth banked curve I'm using the attribute wrangle from @Aizatulin float u = float(@ptnum) / (@numpt - 1); @roll = chramp('roll', u); This works perfectly, many thanks
  3. I'm trying to roll a sweep node 90 degress but it never lines up, I've tried a bunch of options in roll, yaw, pitch but can't get it to look right or line up. What's the best tool to use for this? I think what I'm asking is how to smooth the transition or lose the m style for a round shape, i see lots of posts with an older version of sweep, not sure how to get $PCT or a ramp into the 'roll' section Thanks in advance SweepCurve.hiplc