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  1. I've been searching a heap of videos and it looks like the 'Magic Market' video includes a similar project, where there is a for each loop for the textures (and objs) I just need to figure out how to work this without the PDG / obj import process and just create texture variants for a single object. Magic Market | Procedural Rocks 6 | LOP Variant Generation (Moeen Sayed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYAjmVA6hy4
  2. I'm trying to create a deck of cards in USD, Assuming the correct method would be to create a single card and it have 52 variants of texture maps. I can get this in SOPS, and using a Principled Shader, but not with MaterialX So far I can almost get to what I want to do, what I don’t understand is how to change the texture path for MaterialX variants https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/lop/materialvariation.html If I set up a variant for a basic Principled Shader it works ok as it just changes the texture map path and replaces the basecolor_texture so I get the next card face in sequence The Material Variation node looks like this (it updates the texture on the back of the card too but that's another issue) but MaterialX it doesn't work, I guess because it's another node connecting to that input, how do I reference this? If I hover over the MtlX Standard Surface it gives me base_colorr, base_colorg, base_colorb, hovering over the image node gives me 'file' Thanks for any help, I'm assuming this is some basic part of the way Houdini references the nodes that I don't understand.
  3. Thanks ever so much for you clear and concise answer, yes this is exactly what I was after. I'll have a re-read of this post and go through the nodes you've added. I'd seen Fianna's bend video and couldn't work out how the multiple bends were configured on the pipe, I thought it was possible to keep a start position and orientation, but couldn't figure which control was doing this. I'd realised the position wasn't working but wasn't sure how to fix it, I'd started to blast all but the last face, collapse that into a point but still had no idea how to reference that to the bend. I'm still getting my head around Houdini when I can Thank again, much appreciated
  4. Is there a way to position a bend modifier on a piece of geo that is also being bent so it is relative to that piece? I'm trying to make a procedural folding box but stuck on this overlapping part I position the first bend to be at the end of the first segment extrusion, the second bend at the end of the second segment extrusion If I change the bend amount of the first section the second part stays in it's original position. I can't see in the bend parameters anywhere to set this? I've tried searching for guides on this but most seem to be unfolding polygon objects, I'm not sure if this approach will work for this I'm using 18.5.351 Thanks in advance fold_out_01.hipnc
  5. sorry to dredge this but I'm also looking how to do this I have a simple replication of your steps, 2x grids of 10x10 size 10x6 divisions facet set to primitives and 'Unique Points' checked The 'Name' SOP adding a 'name' Attribute (this doesn't show in geometry spreadsheet, but does show in middle mouse click) The 'Pack' node attribute wrangle... New to houdini so still trying to get my head around most of this, I'll also be applying this to a curve so this may not work for me. Will look at curveu? or another way to randomly chop prims. Thanks Ant
  6. Sweep roll curve in Houdini 18.0.391

    Thank you both, this exactly what I was after, after searching I saw orientalongcurve was part of the new sweep node, I just have no idea how to implent it, this is exactly what I was after so thank you, I now have a smooth banked curve I'm using the attribute wrangle from @Aizatulin float u = float(@ptnum) / (@numpt - 1); @roll = chramp('roll', u); This works perfectly, many thanks
  7. I'm trying to roll a sweep node 90 degress but it never lines up, I've tried a bunch of options in roll, yaw, pitch but can't get it to look right or line up. What's the best tool to use for this? I think what I'm asking is how to smooth the transition or lose the m style for a round shape, i see lots of posts with an older version of sweep, not sure how to get $PCT or a ramp into the 'roll' section Thanks in advance SweepCurve.hiplc