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  1. Vellum fiber for muscles

    How to set materialW for fiber direction on a muscle like say a bicep so we cna get a nice per point vector so the contraction looks realistic when the muscle is flexed. The one approach that I can think of is using guide groom tool and grabbing the per point hair orients. Wondering how we can approach something like this.
  2. Vellum fiber constraint

    Hi all, I have 2 questions regarding the new vellum fiber constraints. 1. In the 'whats new in 17.5 houdini demo', they show a fiber groom tool (modified fur groom tool with fiber options), which actually doesnt exist. Not sure if its my install, but there is no info on it on help as well. Any one got to try that? 2. I want to multiply the stiffness attribute in the Vellum Constraint property DOP with an animated value coming from another SOP. I tried binding the external SOP to the Input3 and tried accessing it in VEX eg: stiffness = fit(@opinput2_curvelength,0,2,0,1000); curvelength attribute is changing every frame, but its doesnt seem to get picked up. Any ideas on how to access an animated sop value? Thanks!