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  1. Have the same problem here...Dirt Mask is hanging mantra infinitely. I'm just trying to mask a noise with a dirt mask and and plug it to displacement...and crap! noise only works fine but as soon as the dirt mask is there it jams.
  2. Thanks bro, but yeah.... Constraining RBD packed fractured objects on static deforming objects is a real twisting brain issue. It's probably way over my humble skills right now. And after investigation...the glue constraints is probably not the right way to do it...more chance with hard constraints I guess. Anyways, time flies and I'm trying to finish my demo reel for next monday. I'm pretty overloaded and I'm just not sure I can do it anymore. Hopefully someone has a better clue on how to approach this.
  3. packed RBD Constraint to multiple animated OBJ

    Hi, I made this setup a while ago, it's ripping a wall constrained on two objects animated differently. It was some kind of an earthquake proof of concept I did to understand constraint networks...maybe that can help. Cheers Wall_pinned_on_2_animated_objects.hipnc
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if someone has done something similar and could help me with this. My project involves a building destruction triggered by a earthquake...I managed to get everything done excepted breaking the windows glasses. I need help/advice/tips on how I can constraint the glass to the windows frame pieces (static deforming rbd packed) so some of the glass shards will be glued around the windows frames during the whole shot. I have the widows frames fractured baked out already. So far I don't know how to update the constraint network to the static deforming geometry...in other words, the constrained geometry is not sticking to the deforming geometry but stay stationary instead. It seems what I want to achieve is not straight forward and everything involving constraints networks on static deforming packed objects is a tedious task involving lots of vex coding and scary stuff (I'm a beginner)...but I hope someone can check out my scene and offers some tips or guidelines. I have attached a simplified version of the scene (sorry for the big zip, I included the windows sim cached) Thanks! Destruction_help.zip Glass constrained to the windows:
  5. Hi all, Last night after fiddling around for days on a rbd sim using constraints and bullet solver, I ended with some happy results! Saved my scene twice, then cached bgeos of everything excepted the Hires mesh that depends on the low res sim... I then start flip and white water sims for the night that uses my previous cached geos as inputs. Everything computed as expected for the next morning. I took for granted that after restarting my computer the next day, doing a resim of my initial low res rbd sim would undoubtedly yield the exact same results...I was wrong, it's not even close So there are a few questions I would like to clear out of my mind: 1- How deterministic bullet sims are (+ with a few constraint net relationship) across Houdini sessions ? 2- Was the only safe way to go about it was to cache the dopnet .sim??? 3- Am I missing something?? Could stuff like a memory leaks or something (Windows 10) start doing Art Direction on my sims???? 4- As a last resort question, is there any other way I can use my lo res cached mesh (bgeo) to drive my hirez mesh?? (I usually plug hirez mesh in a Dop Import with transform mode selected) Thanks in advance
  6. Goodness! indeed hehe, thanks for pointing it out! For some reason the File merge SOP had the Merge range second box set to 2 creating a double...glad you saw it. Well, the good news is that I found a solution to transfer the color from the bricks pattern to the fracture pieces. All I needed to do was packing the geometry of the mortar first and than transfer the color of the bricks to the points of the packed mortar fractured pieces. Since each point represent a piece of mortar, I can easily split the red from the black points then unpack. And voilà! Problem solved
  7. Still Need help, I'm banging my head on the original problem...or a solution that will scale up well with the complexity of the geometry. The technic proposed by mestela works well on cube or faces type stuff. But with complex geo it falls short. I did my best to come up with a solution but unfortunately my Houdini skills wont help me much :/ So let me explain again : I painted some red on a densely fractured object. I want to make sure that those pieces that have at least one red point on it, get totally painted with red. I want to simulate these using bullet. The idea behind it is that I can safely separate active pieces (in red) vs non active pieces without creating holes using a delete sop with @Cd.r == 1 Any piece of advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  8. arhh! Ok, never mind, I think my geo had some bad stuff in it...a clean sop and fuse fixed it
  9. Thanks for answering Matt! Btw, your site as been en invaluable ressource to get into Houdini!! The technic of adding attribute promotes works well for a simple box. Although if someone can check my scene, I get some strange behavior with the delete sop... Black bricks get deleted correctly but delete non selected with the same settings partially delete the red ones! Is this a bug or am I just newb-ing something wrong ? thanks for the help! check_the_delete_sop.hipnc
  10. Hi! I'm doing a brick house destruction as my first real adventure in Houdini...without a tutorial So my problem goes like this: I painted in red the active bricks of a wall that I want to keep active for the sim. But eventually some faces stay black. Is there a way to check every points of each bricks and if some red is found on a brick, make the whole brick red so I can safely delete the black primitives without having holes in some of the bricks? I can wrangle something if there is already some red on the primitives, but I cant find out what to do if for example only one point has red and the rest is black... That would make my life easier since painting all faces with some red will be very time consuming and I have a bunch of walls to smash. Any kind of help would be very appreciated! PS. I've attached a simple example to make my problem obvious. bricks_with_holes.hipnc