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  1. RBD hitnum not working

    Hi guys, I just want to ask one quick question. I am using bullet solver and want to count hit value of pieces with collision geomectory. I tried pop collision detect also but its not working on rbd. thanks
  2. Hello, I want to ask one quick question. What primhedge function does, according to help file it is returning the number of an arbitrary half-edge that contained in prim. If anyone know about this function and know what is the use of this function please expain me. Thanks
  3. What primhedge function does ?

    Thanks Fuat I have already read this link but not able to understand .Can you explain me little if you get this function.
  4. Hello I want to increment value by one on every frame after frame no, x (for example 50 frame no.). I tried doing this in wrangle its not working. it stay at one after frame 50.. Its like houdini is reading this script independent on every frame. Its working in solver node actually but i want to know any other way on sop level. i tried this .. if(@Frame>50) i@a+=1; Please share with me if you have any way out. Thank you
  5. Increment value by one on every frame

    Thanks all for reply Both ways are working but my situation was different that i didn't describe properly.I want to increment by one on every frame but for different point number on different frame. Like if random points are turning red on different frame number so increment should start from that frame number for that particular point. I solve this using wrangle in solver node. I want to know any other way also .
  6. Hello I want to ask one quick question. How to store all primitive number in array using VEX. I am writing int nearpts[] = nearpoints(@OpInput1, point(1,"P",0), 20); to store points in array. Now i want to store prim num. I connected grid on 1st input and one centre point on 2nd input to use this one. If you have other way to store points tell me that also. Thank you
  7. Thanks F1 its working perfect.
  8. How to write for loop in vex

    Hello guys, I know how for loop works in c++ but i am not able to write in vex .Can anyone explain me how to write for loop with simple point and color example . Thank you
  9. RBD hitnum not working

    Thanks Martin for reply and giving me example file. I am facing problem in rbd .Particle are working fine. In RBD hitnum attribute is not changing. It remain zero after collision.
  10. RBD hitnum not working

    Sorry i can't attach scene file. I get hitnum attribute from pop collision detect in DOPs but it not changing value after collision. I want to use that attribute inside DOps in pop wrangle to stop small rbd pieces after couple of bounce.
  11. Hi guys I just want to ask two quick questions. 1. I don't want glue constraint come back after removing, in my case it come back after removing and it make fracture pieces not fall/break properly. 2. I also want to control the bounce of fracture pieces ,they keeps on bouncing. I wonder if there is any method to deactivate sim per pieces. Thank you in advance
  12. RBD constraint come back after removing

    Hi Tim, My problem has been solved. I just did what Thomas said in 1st point Or you can keep that 1 but make sure that parameter color should stay red.
  13. Hey guys I have done inner and edge displacement on my fracture pieces ,it looks fine but while rendering cracks are visible before it happen see in the below image Note: (I have done the fracture pieces and displacement manually not with voronoi fracture node) Thank you
  14. Cracks are visible in render before it happen

    Hi Joe Long, Thanks you so much. This is exactly what i want to do. I was stuck in this. Thank you
  15. Cracks are visible in render before it happen

    Hi Joe Long I tried what you told me..but not working properly. Perhaps i did it wrong way. I wonder if you could tell me how to do that or show me in my given file above. Thank You
  16. Cracks are visible in render before it happen

    Hi Guilherme Casagrandi You render this without displacement material .Try render with material i made (material name displacement_2 for inner displacement and displacement _3 for outer displacement).
  17. Cracks are visible in render before it happen

    Hi Joe Long I have attached my file below Thank you displacement.hipnc
  18. I wanna collapse random pieces by breaking glue constraint through sphere or any object. But the problem i am facing in dop network is that whole rbd act as an active object and collapse from starting , i tried rbd keyframe active nothing work properly . I want only that pieces come in simulation from where glue constraint is breaking and other pieces should act as a passive object or sleep . I attched my file below Thanks in advance test.hipnc
  19. houdini bullet secondary fracture

    Hi, I am following houdini 13 master class bridge collapse scene and try to modify little bit. I want to make the pieces break after hitting ground ,i tried make breakable and many more things but i am stuck on that. Here is my hip file Thanks in advance bridge1.hipnc
  20. houdini bullet secondary fracture

    Thanks DennisSchmidt for reply and after reading this it seems it will work.
  21. houdini bullet secondary fracture

    Hi varisht raheja thanks for the reply and no i didn't key. Just take a look in my file if you could solve that. I am new in houdini.