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  1. inherit velocity RBD Packed Object

    Hey I do not know if this is what you wanted but its still a cool tip. test_active_velocity_v002.hipnc
  2. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    So voronoi is not a constraint I dont know if you are getting confused regarding that aspect. Its a method to create pre-fracture geo like the new boolean shatter. But sure once I see your file I will have a better understanding of your problem. Have you tried using only a single geo?
  3. Combining RBDs/Constraints

    Hey it seems like you are not doing a pre-fracture but rather a dynamic fracture as if you are doing a pre-fracture then it should work by directly feeding it into Dops. Do you have a hip file example I could take a look at?
  4. Calculate perpendicular vector

    Hey is it possible for you to attach your hip file for me too see how you did it? Thank you. Regards Varisht

    Hello. I just recently graduated from VanArts which is based here in Vancouver. I have completed my demo reel in FX which is to say primarily using Houdini 15.5. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I am attaching the link below. Please let me know of any suggestions, criticisms all is welcome. Thank you. FX DEMO REEL 2016

    Hello. I had a small question, I was wondering how were you able to get the RBD interact with the pyro?
  7. Tree destruction

    Hello! First off great work! I actually had a question for you how did you get to break the tree in such a way?!
  8. Varisht Raheja - First Student FX Reel

    Thank you so much for your advice. I will take it all into consideration. Hopefully the next one will be better.
  9. houdini bullet secondary fracture

    Did you key the simulation start from frame in th make breakable part in Dops??
  10. Advanced Houdini Programming Course

    Will you be taking out a course for beginners/students who want to learn?
  11. Hey! I am currently a student who started learning Houdini 3 months ago and this is my first reel. Please, any suggestions and advice is always welcome. The link is as below
  12. Advanced Houdini Programming Course

    Would you also be making a slightly less expensive course and beginners level for students.(sorry if this sounds rude!)?
  13. Commencing Houdini

    Hello My name is Varisht Raheja, I am a student learning Houdini, just started 3 months ago. I have strated using VOPs to create terrains. Thus I was wanting to know if there is a way to add texture to the grass in my terrain. Also, if there is a way to control th emax and min elevation more effectively. I have used a map to create the basic noise. Please any suggestions and advice will always be welcome. Thank you. Terrain(sideFX)_v003.hipnc
  14. C/c++ Tutorials

    For beginners in C and C++ "thenewboston" has a good YOUTUBE channel for this.