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  1. Fire on the ceiling

    Hey Paul, any luck on that fx?
  2. Vellum hair target/rest position

    Hey, I was wondering if you had figure out how to get your sim to go back to is original shape ? I'm also block with that. I dont see no target deformation in vellum. thanks, Eric
  3. Alt + Control key shotcuts not working

    for the alt click not working, we had the same issue on centos7. Fix it by going on linus > menu, window > behavious and you will see that special key to move and resize window is set to ALT. simply disable it. that fixed my issue.
  4. found what was wrong: the trail node was breaking it.
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to export some particles with instance to alembic, but when I render this alembic in Maya the motion blur is wrong, the same alembic in Houdini the motion blur is OK. I have a feeling that in Maya each torus is looking at the center of the world. thanks, Eric testParticlesInstanceABCexport3.hip
  6. Hi, I'm looking a way to emit particles from an alembic and that the particles will inherit the alembic velocity. My issues is that when I store the alembic point > add velocity, the v variable is always 0. So I'm guessing that is why my particles don't get push by the inherit velocity. I have also set the particles to inherit velocity. thanks for you help guys, Eric