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    Thanks much for the replies guys, will run through each example files to see the setups
  2. Hi everyone, I have a plant (leaf and stem) merged as one piece of geo with some dynamic animation. I'd like to animate the leaf separately and still be able to keep the current animation. Is there anyway you guys can think of that I could do this in a procedural way? any suggestions would be much appreciated. Even if you have suggestion on how I could do it differently from scratch that would be appreciated too. See attached file. Thanks in advance. philodendron_model_03_for_forum.hip
  3. Branch growth on bottle HELP!!!

    Hi @Librarian apologies for the bad file, here is a file that should work well, hopefully you can take a look, Thanks much! growth_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  4. Question 1 Hi guys/girls, so my issue is I have a branch-like structure growing around a bottle with some fruits being grown out at ends, however I used the findshortestpath node to get the branches to be correct size as they're grown and now the point sorting is all messed up and I was wondering if there is a better way to get correct scaling of branches? Question 2 How can I get the growing plants to offset there growth in time in an orderly manner once copied to the branches. Question 3 Any tips on how to properly generate UVs on the growing structure? I've attach the Hip file, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. growth_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  5. Vellum jitters non-stop without loss of energy!

    the CHOPS post-processing is not bad at all, it seems like it can produce acceptable results to me. Thanks for the tip, was trying something similar using a SOP solver.
  6. Vellum jitters non-stop without loss of energy!

    @kleer001 Thanks for the insight, I was attempting to solve a problem for an upcoming project that might involve a similar effect. But I will definitely look into solving this using a different method. But it's nice to know the limitations of what is achievable with PBD.
  7. Vellum jitters non-stop without loss of energy!

    thanks, @Atom, unfortunately though, that doesn't resolve the issue. It's jittering out of control.
  8. Hello, I'm just getting into vellum and the solver seems fast and cool but I'm trying a sim here where the geometry tries to attach to its collision geo, but that ends up being very jittery at the end with what seems to be no loss of energy. I've uploaded a scene file. I've tried to set @v to zero at the end and that still hasn't worked. What're the steps to making this solver behave? vellum_basics__jitter_02.hip
  9. RBD's and SOP Solver

    @Ryan thanks for the response, this definitely helps. Hey, I've found out that I don't need the wrangle at the end that creates the name and id attributes because the bullet solver internally creates the id attribute and manages it, and the name attribute is already being uniquely created by the assembly SOP. So the real key node here is the attribute copy SOP which doesn't copy the previous name and id attributes so the solver can work with new ones and then copying all the other attributes to make the simulation run. Thanks much.
  10. RBD's and SOP Solver

    Hi peeps, I'm using the SOP solver DOP to change my geometry overtime from one sphere to multiple spheres, however, when the geometry changes to multiple spheres it's still behaving like just one object instead of individual spheres and I can't figure out why! Any help would be much appreciated and I've attached the troublesome scene file. Also, I used the RBD Fracture object for this instead of the RBD packed, because I couldn't get the results out of the SOP solver to work with RBD packed object. I unpacked the geo in the SOP solver and repacked the output with the name attribute and it wouldn't work, so also, if anyone could shed some light on that as well it would be much appreciated. Thanks. RBDs_SOP_solver_testing_01.hip
  11. I have a curve where I used the parallel transport algorithm to transport the normal along the curve and then I use this curve as a follow curve fora bones chain. My question now is how can I setup up the twist along the bone chain and also make it twist beyond 180 degrees without flipping? (see attached file below) any guidance and examples will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. parallel_transport_curve_framing_03.hip
  12. Another update on this. I Think I've found a setup that works using the sticky object on merged individual NURBS patches, maybe there is an easier way to set this up manually. But check out the attached file and feel free to give some feedback on this. Thanks. (You can turn persistent handles “ON” on the bones or dummy boxes to see axis handles) ribbon_setup_test_04.hip
  13. So I've realized that the rivet object has some attributes to create a coordinate frame (see attached), so I've used the cross product to build one using normal of the ribbon. But I still have flipping created by the cross product. Is there a way to solve this? or could someone point me in a better direction to build a ribbon spine type setup in Houdini? Thanks. ribbon_setup_test_03.hip
  14. Hello peeps, I'm trying to figure out something similar to some sort of ribbon setup in Houdini. Still, lots to do but right now I'm trying to work out rotations, I have twist working by itself such that if I twist the ribbon the bone rotates accordingly and bend working by itself as well, however, if I twist and bend the ribbon at the same time, the rotations become unstable. How can I fix this? Any help is much appreciated!!! Thanks. ribbon_setup_test_01.hip