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  1. Hi all, Is there a way I can use a shelf tool python script to select a joint in the rig tree window pane when I have a rig pose SOP selected?
  2. upload scene file, unless you solved it already.
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone knows how I could get the world position of the tip of a bend deformer handle? (see image)
  4. Hi guys/ladies, how can I compute a proper vector field that's tangent to any arbitrary mesh in VEX? I used the polyframe SOP but there are some inconsistencies with the vector directions and plus I'd love to know a VEX approach for creating a proper tangent field on arbitrary mesh. Thanks in advance. (I've provided a file with the mesh I'm currently working on; see attached) compute_tangent_field_HELP_01.hip
  5. hey thanks again @bunker, yeh the uvs are there however, they are a little messed up because of the extrusion that takes place in the for loop, the extruded sides aren't laid out they're just kotched to the left side in the UV view. So I though doing a UV transfer would be the easiest way to solve that issue. It gives very bad results in substance lol. I didn't notice it until that point.
  6. Hey @bunker thanks for responding, This was the first way I tried to do it and I got jumbled overlapping uvs. Would be great if I knew why this was happening. See attached images of original mesh UV and the scales uv after the xyzdist lookup.
  7. Hi guys/girls, so I built this voronoi scale set-up for a mesh (see attached file) and would like to transfer uvs from the original base mesh to the scales, I've tried several different look-up methods but nothing has worked thus far. I managed to bother Jonah Friedman on linkedIn who did a similar set-up on a chameleon spot for psyop (see video link attached below) and he said that he'd done that in fabric engine and to copy the uvs from the original mesh he did a closest point lookup, but sadly that has not worked thus far for me. The final model will be texture painted in substance painter. Any help from a some uv and texturing wizard would be much appreciated! OH, AND I THINK I HAD SET THE VIEWPORT STATE TO MANUAL REFRESH, JUST IN CASE SOMEONE DIDN'T REALIZE! TRIPS ME UP SOMETIMES. Psyop scale set-up voronoi_scales_RnD_06_odforce.hip
  8. Hi Noobini, thanks for the tip, didn’t know about that function. I’m however looking to create something more like the algorithm in the paper attached! the parts about grouping points by cell ID and the hashtables parts go over my head, but I know with some technical assistance I can implement this algorithm! c95-f95_199-a16-paperfinal-v5.pdf
  9. Hi guys and girls, I have this condensation on bottle shot I'm working and would love to create a poisson disk distribution with a uniform sample of points based on the area of the triangles in the mesh. I've been looking at the papers written about this but its a liittle bit technical for me at this time. I'm hoping some could maybe look at my file and point me in the right direction to use vex to create this algorithm. Thanks much in advance. poisson_on_bottle_setup.hip
  10. Thanks much for the replies guys, will run through each example files to see the setups
  11. Hi everyone, I have a plant (leaf and stem) merged as one piece of geo with some dynamic animation. I'd like to animate the leaf separately and still be able to keep the current animation. Is there anyway you guys can think of that I could do this in a procedural way? any suggestions would be much appreciated. Even if you have suggestion on how I could do it differently from scratch that would be appreciated too. See attached file. Thanks in advance. philodendron_model_03_for_forum.hip
  12. Hi @Librarian apologies for the bad file, here is a file that should work well, hopefully you can take a look, Thanks much! growth_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  13. Question 1 Hi guys/girls, so my issue is I have a branch-like structure growing around a bottle with some fruits being grown out at ends, however I used the findshortestpath node to get the branches to be correct size as they're grown and now the point sorting is all messed up and I was wondering if there is a better way to get correct scaling of branches? Question 2 How can I get the growing plants to offset there growth in time in an orderly manner once copied to the branches. Question 3 Any tips on how to properly generate UVs on the growing structure? I've attach the Hip file, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. growth_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  14. the CHOPS post-processing is not bad at all, it seems like it can produce acceptable results to me. Thanks for the tip, was trying something similar using a SOP solver.
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