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  1. when use houdini engine, alpha attribute problem

    Thank you for your reply. There were two options I could use to deliver houdini particle to maya as a redshift user. One was houdini engine, this is very easy to auto match per-particle attribute and value. So, some attributes like pscale, Cd or ID were well matched except Alpha. I didn't use any redshift userdata node then, I'll try that node, thanks. And the other was using redshift proxy. I had to use redshift proxy format not an alembic. and there were no options to control per particle attribute in maya.
  2. hi guys I did some render test with houdini and maya redshift renderer. I made particle in houdini then rendered it in maya using houdini engine and redshift proxy file. This image is that I tested to compare houdini redshift render and maya redshift render. A is houdini redshift B is maya redshift with importing particle by houdini Engine C is also maya redshift with importing particle by redshift proxy When I use B, alpha attribute for per particle is different from A and C. Is there any way to correct the alpha attribute? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys Is there any way to do background render with Redshift? I cannot find "Render to Disk in Background" button like Mantra.
  4. Hi guys I don't know which graphic card better for my work. (GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti) I want to use openCL and I'm user of Redshift.
  5. I downloaded openvdb library from https://www.openvdb.org/download/ then, i want to compile them because I use Redshift render for volume in maya. Please help.
  6. It's my first time to work water. So I have some questions when rendering and compositing. I use guided ocean layer to integrate ocean surface and flip simulation. I think the best way is that I seperate render ocean surface and guided layer fluid extended surface, then composite both with touching the boundary. pleas give me some tips for blending two surface.
  7. I used assemble SOP so that I need the number of pig primitive which have name attribute. Then I enable Fracture By Name of RBD Fractured Object SOP in DOPnet. test02.hipnc
  8. exporting emission texture to vex variable

    Thank you David and Atomic. I use attribute from map SOP then I export it by bind_export, naming 'export_emitcolor' inside shader. So, I could use 'Emission Color(emit_clr)' of mantra's extra channel option. Otherwise, It was exported as 'other' channel.
  9. Hi guys. I made ash geometry and texture. I have two textures of using color and glow mask. Then I use them on Principle shader. Base texture color and alpha is alright. but I need another mask for glow. I tried to use Emission by Texture. This is what I want for glow mask. How can I export this texture to vex variable?
  10. right click on a node which has uv I want, then Save - Texture UV to Image. It was that I needed!
  11. hi guys I'm doing burning effect so I need a sequence alpha map. I made a procedurally burning area and alpha. So I could get alpha area on uv. Then, I wanna render the sequence uv map like I see on the uv viewport because wanna edit this uv texture in nuke. How can I render this uv map? plus, it's UDIM.
  12. how can I render with IFD?

    Here's my hip file. thanks! dust_ifd_test.hip
  13. I need to reduce render time for volume so, I tried to use make ifd format. then, how can I render this IFD? the only thing I can is just to click render to MPlay. I wanna render to disk.
  14. render EXR colorspace

    Thanks haggy. it's easier to work than change colorspace in nuke. I was a little bit confused. thanks.