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  1. How can I reverse rigdoctor?

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply. It was a big help.
  2. Hi guys! I'm new at kineFX in Houdini. I just want to reverse parent and child of all on curve line. I tried simply reverse the number of point with sort SOP and also reparent joints, it didn't work. Can you guys tell me how to solve it? curve_line_rig.hiplc
  3. hi guys, I tested panoramic rendering for 360 circle vision movie. This is rendered with Redshift. So I set the camera, View projection : Cylindrical(panoramic) and set Horizontal FOV to 360, Vertical FOV 180 in the Redshift Camera Settings tab. That is easy! But I want to same render images with mantra. Is there any way for camera setting or lens shader? please help, thanks.
  4. when use houdini engine, alpha attribute problem

    Thank you for your reply. There were two options I could use to deliver houdini particle to maya as a redshift user. One was houdini engine, this is very easy to auto match per-particle attribute and value. So, some attributes like pscale, Cd or ID were well matched except Alpha. I didn't use any redshift userdata node then, I'll try that node, thanks. And the other was using redshift proxy. I had to use redshift proxy format not an alembic. and there were no options to control per particle attribute in maya.
  5. hi guys I did some render test with houdini and maya redshift renderer. I made particle in houdini then rendered it in maya using houdini engine and redshift proxy file. This image is that I tested to compare houdini redshift render and maya redshift render. A is houdini redshift B is maya redshift with importing particle by houdini Engine C is also maya redshift with importing particle by redshift proxy When I use B, alpha attribute for per particle is different from A and C. Is there any way to correct the alpha attribute? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys Is there any way to do background render with Redshift? I cannot find "Render to Disk in Background" button like Mantra.
  7. Hi guys I don't know which graphic card better for my work. (GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti) I want to use openCL and I'm user of Redshift.
  8. I downloaded openvdb library from https://www.openvdb.org/download/ then, i want to compile them because I use Redshift render for volume in maya. Please help.
  9. It's my first time to work water. So I have some questions when rendering and compositing. I use guided ocean layer to integrate ocean surface and flip simulation. I think the best way is that I seperate render ocean surface and guided layer fluid extended surface, then composite both with touching the boundary. pleas give me some tips for blending two surface.
  10. I used assemble SOP so that I need the number of pig primitive which have name attribute. Then I enable Fracture By Name of RBD Fractured Object SOP in DOPnet. test02.hipnc
  11. exporting emission texture to vex variable

    Thank you David and Atomic. I use attribute from map SOP then I export it by bind_export, naming 'export_emitcolor' inside shader. So, I could use 'Emission Color(emit_clr)' of mantra's extra channel option. Otherwise, It was exported as 'other' channel.
  12. Hi guys. I made ash geometry and texture. I have two textures of using color and glow mask. Then I use them on Principle shader. Base texture color and alpha is alright. but I need another mask for glow. I tried to use Emission by Texture. This is what I want for glow mask. How can I export this texture to vex variable?
  13. right click on a node which has uv I want, then Save - Texture UV to Image. It was that I needed!
  14. hi guys I'm doing burning effect so I need a sequence alpha map. I made a procedurally burning area and alpha. So I could get alpha area on uv. Then, I wanna render the sequence uv map like I see on the uv viewport because wanna edit this uv texture in nuke. How can I render this uv map? plus, it's UDIM.