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  1. Wrangle: How to stop point from being transformed with VEX

    Yeah that works.. Thank you.
  2. Hey! I am new to programming, but i would like to know something. I have two lines of who the length is copied by reference, i want one line b to be of 75% of line a. I have accomplished this by selecting a point of line two in a wrangle and typing: @P.x = @P.x * 0.75; But now i want line b to stop when it hits 0.75, while the length of line a continues to increase. I have tried to do this by typing: while (@P.x == 0.75){ @P.x = 0.75; } But that doesn't work. How is this done? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know about how the GUI was made? Maybe with Qt?
  4. Rendering to disk doesn't work

    Thanks you both!
  5. Hello! When i render to disk i only get 2 weird files (screenshot) What am i doing wrong? I am rendering at the minimum resolution of the non commercial version. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, I have a question about putting two expressions in one parameter. Is this possible? See screenshot. I also want to rotate the blue. (maybe even in a different in a different direction like -180) Somebody said: you'll need to type two separate lines. @Cd.r = whatever; @Cd.b = whatever; But when I do that in the "Edit expression" thing of my rotation parameter.. (because i can't just type a second line just in the parameter? or can i?) But everything dissapears when i do that With ; after the lines and without.. What do i do wrong? Thanks in advance!Alien uitwerking-odforce.hipnc
  7. Hello there. I am fairly new to Houdini and animation. I have done the "create reference copy" command on one edge loop/polysplit node, and i would like to edit the expression on the copy's "edge percentage" parameter so that it has the inverted value of the node that it is referencing. So that when it's (for example) 0.8 on the original node, it's 0.2 on the reference copy. How is this done? In other nodes it could be the rotate parameter. That when it's 90 on the original it's -90 in the referenced node. Thanks in advance.
  8. ChromaKey H16 doesn't mask the background

    Yes! Thanks
  9. Hello guys, I made a quick video to demonstrate the problem. Thanks in advance!
  10. How to reset all settings/preferences

  11. Hello, I can't find an answer to this. My Houdini is acting weird and i can't find what's wrong so i want Houdini to be completly clean and on 'factory settings'. I'm on a Mac OS X 10.10 and on Houdini 16. Thanks in advance!
  12. Spyrogif

    Wow. true inspiration. Dit you do the 2D one (second from the last) completely in Houdini? Would love a tutorial on something like that.
  13. I love coloring geometry with color nodes. But i can't seem to export fbx with that color information included? I'll drop a file here with a sphere i've colored.. (and with the settings i've already tried) Thanks in advance. color to fbx.hip
  14. How to copy the bounding box of a group?

    kinda finded a way