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  1. (Animated) dashed line?

    Hi! I was looking for ways to make a dashed line (between two objects). This video didn't exist anymore. https://lesterbanks.com/2012/01/creating-dashed-lines-in-sidefx-houdini/ Do you guys know any tutorial or do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. (Animated) dashed line?

    Great stuff! Reminds me i should pick up learning VEX again.. Is it possible to change this hip file or technique to be able to handle a (dashed) polywire afterwards?
  3. (Animated) dashed line?

    How would you do that? I can't make a Group Range for edges. How would you delete points with leaving a gap? Or maybe I can do this directly in the Delete SOP?
  4. Allright thats really helpful. Thanks u all!
  5. Hi! I wonder if it is possible to display, inside a SOP network, different flags in different scene views. Just like you can in Fusion by dragging a node into a viewer. Thanks!
  6. Hi! I have basically the same question as this, but with a different goal: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/50237/ I too wonder if there is a simpler way than 'group > delete > centroid the delete', but I would like to do it with a expression rather than a local variable. This way I can create a point in the center of a group in the Add node. Help or other suggestions would be appreciated!
  7. I knew a bit about pinning and linking, but i thought this applies to networks paths and panes, not to nodes (display flags) inside a (SOP) network to panes. Is this true? I would like to see (with like multiple 'blue flags') different stages of my SOP network in different Scene Views.
  8. Hi! I wonder if u could help me with something. I want my two Transforms called 'rotate' and 'rotate1' to have as the pivot for rotation the center of the two together. The center of the node called 'Transform_all', for that matter. I tried putting $CE* in the Transform_all node, and paste relative references to the other 'rotate' nodes, but that makes everything disappear. Any ideas? MovePivotToCenterOtherNode.hip
  9. Move pivot to center of other node?

    So you can't use something that is downstream with centroid()? I don't want to rotate them together in the transformall. I want to rotate them independently with the center of transformall as pivot.
  10. Move pivot to center of other node?

    Thanks. The centroid function works on sphere1.. But not on my Transform_All? Do you know what is going on? MovePivotToCenterOtherNode2-2.hipnc
  11. Mute animated channels?

    Hi! I want to disable some animation channels. So that it's just at the default value and i can enable it when i want to see animation again. Found some really old posts about this with some answers not applicable to the current Houdini, so here's a new post. Thanks!
  12. .

  13. Hey there! The documentation says i can: But it doesn't seem to work with me: Am i missing something? Thanks!
  14. Hey, I'm reading the documentation and i don't understand something. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/snippets.html When i see this, i understand it very well: But when i saw this, i got confused. First of all: Here an array is used together with (the creation of) an attribute. What is that? Are there array attributes? Doesn't make sense to me. I also don't know what binding means, in this context. Hope to get a clearer understanding of what's going on here. Help would be appreciated.
  15. Wow thank you man! That's nice. I'm learning VEX so i hope i could one day understand what you did. Gonna investigate it!
  16. Hey! I have created a oval shape and copied objects to it's points and rotated the copies. Now i would like all the copies to move along the shape. Is there some way to like animate the points along the polygon? Also, is there maybe be another way to achieve this effect that you would like better? Thanks in advance! AnimatePointsAlongPolygon.hip AnimatePointsAlongPolygon-with edited shape.hip (i would like, of course, the point distance to stay in tact. So that the objects at the more 'straight' part of the line, would 'travel' faster).
  17. Beginners question: Array attributes? What is binding?

    What is the usage of array attributes? Does it has like, multiple columns in the geometry spreadsheet, just as a vector attributes have 3? Where can i read about them? In the array section of VEX i didn't read anything about it. The Geometry Attributes page is also not really talking about arrays. So binding is just the 'importing' of attributes? .. Like, what you do when you type @?
  18. Coders! Come watch here.
  19. That is a nice effect. Thanks. It's not what i meant tho: I don't want the point distance to travel along the line as one whole, but i want the points to travel along the design of the point placements as in the original design.. and the speed with which the points travels is dependent on the distance between each point on the original polyline. The greater the distance from one point to another, the faster that point moves. That's what i meant with these blue arrows in my GIF. In these corners some points move slower than the rest. Which i also want, but with the point placement of my own original polyline.
  20. But i have made the distance of the points that way by design and intention and want to keep that. A resample node destoys the distance and point placement, and only keeps te shape. Is there no way to animate points, while maintaining the design and point placements in the best and most conservative manner?
  21. NewMethod.hipnc
  22. Can you guys help me? I've done the method of the sideFX forum, but the points don't stay in the same distance to one another at the original position in the polyline. I hope you understand what i mean: i want the the objects in front of the camera to stay in the same aspect to one another. As worded previously: DoesNotKeepDistance.hipnc Would this be hard? Is it possible to achieve this without the Resample node? Thanks again..
  23. Setting or changing parameters with VEX

    Hi. A little basic question when reading the documentation: I assume you can only access the parameters of the node in which the VEX snippet lives? On the right, i tried changing the 'size' of the box, but it doesn't work. Of course it needs a path. And i assume you can't change/write the parameters that are above the current Wrangle node with something like ch(), right? Thanks.
  24. Hey, I am trying to learn vex and programming in general and i'm going over the documentation. I encounter a example like this: surface crazy( string maps[] = { "Mandril.rat", "default.pic" }; export float alength = 0; ) { vector texclr, av[]; texclr = texture(maps[s+t > 1], s, t); av = array( {1,0,0}, vector(nrandom()), t, texclr, {.5,0,0}); if (fit(noise(s*8), 0, 1, .3, .7) > t) av = array(1, {0,1,0}, 0); Cf = spline("linear", s, av); alength = len(av); } from: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/arrays.html And i don't know what to do with this. I can't really understand it by looking at it, so i want to know what it does by viewing it in Houdini. But it doesn't show anything when i put it in a wrangle, because of course it is part of a network. How can i see what it's doing? Do i need to guess what the network is, and create it? Thanks.
  25. Typo

    Allright thanks, that's stupid, haha.