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  1. Super crazy shit guys.. too awesome. Glad to be on the path of learning Houdini.
  2. Hi, I am wondering how you would do something like this. How would you get a line with one length parameter, that has a constraint after which it can go no further, and then it continues below, like a little 'paragraph', so you could create variations of that line on different 'cards'. Would really like to know how you could do something like that. Thanks
  3. Image Planes with Toon Shader?

    Like, why doesn't the shadow matte appear here? shadowMatte2.hip
  4. Hi, I am following this tutorial, but I don't get a shadow matte with my toon shader. I am wondering why this is. If you want to take a look: shadowmattehip.hipnc (with the Links_Schaduw mantra node) I would also like to know how I could get an equivalent of the diffuse color image plane while Toon Shading. Is Toon Shading more limited in this regard or is it possible? (to have highly customisable composites) Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am deleting something but new connections form: I would like to delete like you would with the Direct Selection tool in Illustrator, instead of the using the - tool in Illustrator while in Pen mode. Hope someone knows the answer. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I came across this video of Entagma lately for vector export and I am trying this out now. I just want one frame like in the Entagma video at this moment, but I would also like to have fill and stroke color be read from some attributes, but I don't know any python and this forum post doesn't get me further right now (that otl doesn't work), so I was hoping someone could show me how you could do this. Otherwise: something like grouping paths together for selection in Illustrator work? That way I can at least color them more easily in Illustrator. Thanks! Appreciate the help.
  7. Thanks for your reply. The subdivide didn't work but through a discord channel @mestela made me discover the Point Deform tool and that works properly.
  8. Modeling normals?

    Thanks guys. Had to do some research in this orient stuff, but it works beautifully... I've made a paint node with an @angle attribute and then have this as a code: Btw if anyone has any idea how to get the text deform along with the grid, please let me know here.
  9. Now further in the development of this scene. But the problem with the text not deforming along properly still persists.. Really hope someone can enlighten me on this issue.
  10. Distribute particles more evenly?

    Update: Unfortunately it doesn't help when I make a volume out of that sphere. Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Would love to hear other thoughts about this!
  11. Can you also compile it for Mac? I have issues with the Game Dev version.
  12. Distribute particles more evenly?

    Would that fix it? They go out immediately from the surface from which they were emitted (the ball in the middle, from there they go out non-gravitational way), so I’m not sure, will try. Also; I wanted the particles to inherit the color of the surface from which they ‘come’. Is that also possible if they are born in the middle of the sphere?
  13. Hi, I made a simple particle sim with the basic settings, but I would like it to be more evenly distributed. Sometimes it is even, but at other frames not. Then whole areas are in in my camera1 view empty, without particles. Anyone any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance. particles even.hipnc
  14. Hi, I put here a box and text on top of it with a merge and I want to deform it with GameDev's Path Deform. But the text won't stay on top of the box. How can I fix this? How do I make it behave more like 'one object'? Thanks. PathWrangle-hm2.hipnc
  15. Modeling normals?

    I guess you mean that you have some twist control on the Path Deform sop? Anyways, it is not as much control as you would have if there was some intuitive way of editing normals. Also: the text disappears when I twist it using that sop. And the Twist Ramp doesn't seem to do any thing. @CinnamonMetal Would like to know how the method you described would work. PathWrangle-hm2.hipnc Help would be appreciated very much.