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  1. I see. I've noticed tho that the comment doesn't pop up when I render with the Render View and click 'Save Render' right from there, but it does work when I choose 'Render to Disk'. Does anyone know if there's a way to also save the exr comment with the snapshots saved from the Render View? (Btw you see the 'comment' when you open with an app like Pdplayer or DVJ image viewer)
  2. Thanks, @markingleukc, I saw this render setting also, which made me hopeful for also being able display a comment in a render. But I don't know how to use it. When I place it on the camera it doesn't work. Does it belong somewhere else? Or does the comment exist in some hidden image-metadata and is not supposed to be on top of the C plane or a separate image channel?
  3. Thanks for your reply, @zlyu I am wondering how you use this VOP, I guess this isn't the right way?
  4. Hi, I see here on the "removing noise" help page, that there is supposed to be a "Scattering Quality parameter located on the shader attached to the object". In the Principled Shader I did not see it, but when I searched further I saw that on the help page of the Classic Shader, there should be one such control. But when I tried in H17.5, it doesn't appear in the Classic Shader: Woz going here? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Sometimes I would like to just try out quick renders and make the design decisions laters. Is it possible to bake certain parameters you are trying out into your render, so you can see what you did differently back then, when you did that render? Thanks,
  6. Anyone? Is there otherwise some other method as to achieve such a thing? I don't know yet if CHOPs can do something like this because it is not really working like a dynamics network / looping network, or is it?. I see the Logic CHOP can record if there is change in a channel but I have no idea as of how you should combine these chops for canceling out overlapping copies. Is it possible to cancel out overlapping copies?
  7. Thanks anim, that's helpful info..
  8. Hi, I saw on a forum post that if I want to merge a two points and have them be one primitive, I could use the PolyPath node for that, because the Fuse SOP doesn't do that. So that works now and I am very happy with that. But now I want to exclude certain points from the PolyPath. I have put those points in a group, but the PolyPath doesn't have a group field. Is there a way to still exclude a group of points? Or is there another SOP I could use for this? See the scene if you want to see a quick example of the problem. I want only 'child prims' that have the same parent prim to be reconnected to one prim again. Hope it's possible Thanks! polypathgroup.hipnc
  9. Hi Librarian, thanks for your response. I don't really understand the trig.hipnc tho. Do you mean the small CHOP network on the left, that colors the box red? Because there a existing 'instance' doesn't avoid the next one from being called, as is here in the third curve: And the other network on the right is something complex of which I can't see what it is doing in the scene and where the Nulls are getting their data from. Altho I know that a lookup table isn't really for triggering but for mapping animations to a range, right? Anyways here is a hip file. The shift CHOP is just put in there to produce the overlapping copies/instances and to see if this is working: triggeroverlap.hipnc
  10. Hi peoples, I would like an animation to be triggered, but I don’t want it to be triggered if there already is a triggered animation/copy that is still being played. In the case of this GIF that would mean that sometimes the shifted pulse would exclude one periodic pulse, and sometimes be excluded by the periodic ones. The docs of the Copy CHOP vaguely hint at this being possible, but I can’t get it to work with all tried Copy CHOP node variations, and I don’t really understand what the doc is talking about. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Also, if there is an other method than the Copy CHOP for triggering animations with overlap, all info is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, I just have a simple scene here with some black volume trails in it and a default mantra node, but the render shows some white between them. I can't see what's causing this.. Anyone any idea? Thanks in advance.
  12. Ah, that’s a nice coincidence.. It’s a pretty huge list of options of which I randomly tried a few and I already found it strange this seemingly complex code/name worked so well.
  13. addvertex() on existing line?

    Hi, I am trying to recreate this: https://entagma.com/procedural-subdivision-curves/ But then after primitves have already been generated. (I do this for technical, project specific reasons) This means that I run it on a Primitive Wrangle instead of a Point Wrangle, and try to use addvertex() after the addpoint() function calls. But this does not create the vertices on the extant primitve. Instead it extends the primitive. I've tried messing about with setprimvertex(). I've tried to remove the verts already extant so the prim would disconnect (https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/59183/) but both didn't work for me. Is there some way I can create those vertices on the existing prim line or disconnect the prim before placing the new verts? I know I can remove the prim and start again with a new prim, but I actually need the 'new' prim to be the same @primnum as the currently processed prim. That's important. Here is a sample hip: dingi.hipnc Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  14. @Atom Thanks It seems to happen far more often than 24 frames visually. What I had in mind was that the connections basically start connected, but I want some of them to occasionally disconnect if they become too short or too long or reconnect if some come back to 'normal length' again. And then that connection would go disconnect in an eased (keyframed?) way toward the middle. And I want to check if that is needed every 10 seconds or so. If I change your %24 too longer it no longer works. I don't quite understand. Here is the result of my failed trying so far, haha.. my head hurts: CheckEvery10SecondsAndConnectOrDisconnect-elaborated2-failedTrying.hipnc and a psuedocode was written before I went and pre-implemented those CHOPs: [image] edit: Never mind guys. I think I want to go too fast... I need to break this up into smaller problems.. edit: Somebody clued me in that first the @primnum of the created connections need to become stable and not change all the time in order for me to work on them.. somehow. If anyone has an idea, it’s still welcome.