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  1. Awesome. Now it doesn't feel like I'm doing something super secret and technical when I'm moving into an own tool,
  2. Alright that will give you what you typed in there, I see. I now use an 'Operator Path' parameter to the editable node inside the hda to jump right into it from the parameters, like "./cop2net1/textureMix/make_mask/" How do we make it that we jump into that node when we click a node of our hda type? Is that possible?
  3. Seamless NURBs UVs?

    Interesting. Any way that translates when you're using a Skin SOP to create the NURBs surface? - (as here: seamless-nurbs-uv.v3.skinMethod.hiplc) (this is how I originally am creating the surface in my scene. but I used a Sphere SOP for simplicity because I thought this was a general NURBs issue)
  4. Seamless NURBs UVs?

    I don't know what that means. It's a seamless texture that I apply. I don't understand what it would mean for a nurb surface to be seamless or non-seamless. It is no unwrap or project, because it uses the nurbs parametrisation (0-1?) to map the uv's unto, right? I've made a more 'obviously' tileable texture in this hip file, so you can see the seam even more pronounced: (seamless-nurbs-uv.v2.hiplc) In my case I want it to map unto the nurbs/follow the nurbs shape, as these 'spline' methods of the uvtexture sop do, but how do I have a seamless texture go round-about it?
  5. Guys, I've been stupid.. I can just use modulo for this. Jeez, shame shame
  6. Load sequences with TOPs

    Did u find an answer? I would like to load multiple image sequences with very different names and create a mmpeg movie for each.
  7. "Over" composite changes color of BG

    Using "Exclusive Or" with "Maximum" as the Alpha Operation kindof seems to work, altho with some artefacts. (Particularly when using multiple inputs like this on a Layer COP) But still wondering; what's happening with the "Over"? Shouldn't this be the most common and easiest operation? Or am I missing the mathematical ormtechnical definition of 'Over' somehow?
  8. "Over" composite changes color of BG

    Here is the hip file and the images if someone wanted to take a look: overlay.hiplc rop_comp2.exr rop_comp1.exr
  9. Hi guys, I was hoping I could get some help. I just want to overlay one image over another. But the "Over" composite method changes colors. How can I retain these and just layer them unto one layer?
  10. Seamless NURBs UVs?

    Hi, I thought that with the uvtexture SOP you would already have seamlessness when using the 'spline' methods. Yet this is not the case. The 'Average Spline' comes closest, but it's not yet seamless. How do we do it? seamless-nurbs-uv.hiplc (the seam is on the positive X axis) Thanks in advance.
  11. Why is bool type not available in VEX?

    Okay then just make a cht() function, SideFX :-) I’m laizy
  12. Why is bool type not available in VEX?

    I would like this. Automatic Toggle Parameter creation. A little less moving into the Edit Parameter Interface. Would such datatypes also not take less memory or something as opposed to an int?
  13. attribtype() - Distinguish Float from Vector

    Thanks Yunus, I somehow didn't expect the Attribute Copy SOP to be able to handle wildcards... but it does handle them. I wonder how my brain works sometimes. Anyway good to know about the attribsize() function. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am copying attributes by looping over the attributes. Unfortunetely this doesn't work: string detailattribs[] = detailintrinsic(1,"detailattributes"); foreach(string detailattrib; detailattribs){ setdetailattrib(0, detailattrib, detail(1, detailattrib, 0), "set"); } So I have to specify the type like this: string detailattribs[] = detailintrinsic(1,"detailattributes"); foreach(string detailattrib; detailattribs){ int type = detailattribtype(1, detailattrib); if(type==1){ float val = detail(1, detailattrib, 0); setdetailattrib(0, detailattrib, val, "set"); } if(type==0){ int val = detail(1, detailattrib, 0); setdetailattrib(0, detailattrib, val, "set"); } } The weird thing about the attribtype() function is that it uses one value for "Float or vector". I do only have floats and ints right now, but I'm still wondering: what if you want to do this for a vector? Another sidequestion would be, is there a better way to do this? Thanks, kind regards,
  15. I was looking besides this also for looping Noises (found already those of 'techie'), but I hadn't seen this one yet, thanks.. Can you provide us with a link in your reply? However this is about looping/tiling the input planes of the COP VOP. Using this method of writing out/exporting is extremely annoying because the Color Map VOP and the Texture VOP do not automatically reload the textures when the files are overwritten by a new export. Restarting Houdini seems the only reliable way to reload the textures in COPs that are loaded via these VOPs. Btw I have also logged this as an RFE to SideFX.. "Repeat" option for the COP Input VOP (RFE (ID# 114285).) However it would seem possible in the Snippet VOP using these XRES/YRES variables , but my head starts spinning when trying to imagine it. It's just too hard for me at this moment.