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  1. Hi, I noticed that the Camera OBJ node has a tab with parameters that is editable via the Edit Parameter Interface. Now normally this is not possible with HDA parameters. But these right here act like 'spare parameters'. How do we get this on our own HDA's? Do you guys think SideFX just did create those with the "On Created" Python script in the Scripts tab?
  2. Hi guys, I wish to have a Noise animated so that flows towards its complemented version. Basically so that the value 0.5 will provide a perfect blend between the two. (0.5 is currently just grey in my Mix VOP, in the hip file..), So that you can loop it. Much like happens in this tutorial on 04:03 with the Offset parameter on the noise effect generated by the Trigonometry VOP, but then on noise values already generated, if that is possible. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2UNkR1ZNrQ) hip file: shift-animate_noise.hiplc I’m quite stuck with figuring this out. I tries ramps, and modulo’s in multiple ways, but I think I’m missing something. Thanks for any tips, Much appreciated.
  3. Ok wonderful, turns out this is not just an Houdini thing but a global thing, import os print os.path.abspath(path)
  4. Hi guys, How do I get a proper path when using the "/../" method? When middleclicking on such a parameter expression as $HIP/../flips/img.jpg it returns this parent_of_hipfolder/hipfolder/../flips/img.jpg (i.e go in, and then go up again) which Houdini seems to be able to read properly. But I want the path like this: parent_of_hipfolder/flips/img.jpg which I could later on use properly with the python os module, to read the data of the file. It doesn't understand the up-one-folder syntax, "/../" Thank you!
  5. Channel Variables and uses?

    Is it possible to get the channel variable from another channel? A function or something whose arguments would look like chanvar("../../geo1/tx", IT)? (i.e. get beginningtime of the current segment from that channel) Thanks.
  6. Went unto SOPs for this. Felt like a bummer but there we do get lot's of control. Beats the hell out of grid warps of 2D apps.
  7. Hi, How can we warp the UV's (by warping a Deform Plane to use in the Deform COP) with points, to have more control over where it goes? (as opposed to using noises) Like puppet-warp, grid-warp, in 2D apps, Thanks for any help,
  8. Point Cloud in VopCop2Filter ?

    I wonder if such a feature, function or script has been published somewhere. Now 6 years later. If anyone knows something, I'd appreciate if you let me know. :-)
  9. Awesome. Now it doesn't feel like I'm doing something super secret and technical when I'm moving into an own tool,
  10. Alright that will give you what you typed in there, I see. I now use an 'Operator Path' parameter to the editable node inside the hda to jump right into it from the parameters, like "./cop2net1/textureMix/make_mask/" How do we make it that we jump into that node when we click a node of our hda type? Is that possible?
  11. Seamless NURBs UVs?

    Interesting. Any way that translates when you're using a Skin SOP to create the NURBs surface? - (as here: seamless-nurbs-uv.v3.skinMethod.hiplc) (this is how I originally am creating the surface in my scene. but I used a Sphere SOP for simplicity because I thought this was a general NURBs issue)
  12. Seamless NURBs UVs?

    I don't know what that means. It's a seamless texture that I apply. I don't understand what it would mean for a nurb surface to be seamless or non-seamless. It is no unwrap or project, because it uses the nurbs parametrisation (0-1?) to map the uv's unto, right? I've made a more 'obviously' tileable texture in this hip file, so you can see the seam even more pronounced: (seamless-nurbs-uv.v2.hiplc) In my case I want it to map unto the nurbs/follow the nurbs shape, as these 'spline' methods of the uvtexture sop do, but how do I have a seamless texture go round-about it?
  13. Guys, I've been stupid.. I can just use modulo for this. Jeez, shame shame
  14. Load sequences with TOPs

    Did u find an answer? I would like to load multiple image sequences with very different names and create a mmpeg movie for each.
  15. "Over" composite changes color of BG

    Using "Exclusive Or" with "Maximum" as the Alpha Operation kindof seems to work, altho with some artefacts. (Particularly when using multiple inputs like this on a Layer COP) But still wondering; what's happening with the "Over"? Shouldn't this be the most common and easiest operation? Or am I missing the mathematical ormtechnical definition of 'Over' somehow?