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  1. Great, tested and worked. Any idea maybe on how to get an uniform distribution? Resample VEX.v1.hiplc
  2. Hi guys! Is it possible to have imitate the Resample SOP in VEX? I basically want to do the last step of this tutorial (see 07:20) entirely in VEX, so that it generates the array of proper vector positions from the 5 'control point' vectors. (so I could potentially make a polyline from there as well with addpoint and addprim then if I wanted to) Thanks in advance
  3. EDIT: I got feedback that I could just make two setups of it. For some reason I thought it needed it to do in one setup.
  4. Hi, I wonder how you can (best) rig a grid like this in two directions. Hope you guys can help. Thanks, sop_kineFX_boxGrid_xy_ctrls.hiplc
  5. Hi, I like to separate my hda's into multple child HDA's and use Import Blocks. Any nice way to store presets of the child hda and be able to acces/select them from the parent HDA? Thanks for any insight,
  6. I would actually like to have this functionality on the Attribute Transfer. For instance when you truly want attributes to be transfered based on distance, piece-to-piece, and when the attributes are variable per point/prim for a piece. Gonna send in an RFE.. Edit: "This is not the Attribute Copy I am talking about. But actually transfering attributes that may vary per point, from piece to piece, (pieces that may actually vary in topology also,) based on distance, like the attribute transfer does. The piece/id parameter in any node is always a big win for me. It's the best thing ever. Much faster than a for each piece loop." -RFE (ID# 117904)
  7. Oh, I missed something, I need to name the menu, and use that { type# != colorramp }
  8. How did you come to that syntax? I don't see it in the docs, and also if I type in { type# 0 }, if I click "Accept" and reopen Type Properties after that, it has changed to { type# == 0 } automatically. Of course I would also like to have it such: { type# != 1 } Please help, Many thanks help multiparm.hiplc
  9. I see the issue is mainly on nodes with multiparms, which is precisely the kind of node for which I am writing this script..
  10. Now after trying again the same code, it doesn't give the error anymore, but Houdini just crashes unless I comment-out the parm.setExpression(). Weird. I don't see what I'm doing wrong. This the crash log:
  11. Hi guys, I have this simple script in a Shelf tool: import hou selectednodes = hou.selectedNodes() for selectednode in selectednodes: parms = selectednode.parms() for parm in parms: val = parm.eval() if type(val) is int or type(val) is float: parm.setExpression('ch(chsop("ref_source"') But it gives an error when trying to execute (on the line that it's getting the 'val' variable). return _hou.Parm_eval(self) hou.ObjectWasDeleted: Attempt to access an object that no longer exists in Houdini. Why is this? I have done this sortof stuff before. This is something that is possible right? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I noticed that the Camera OBJ node has a tab with parameters that is editable via the Edit Parameter Interface. Now normally this is not possible with HDA parameters. But these right here act like 'spare parameters'. How do we get this on our own HDA's? Do you guys think SideFX just did create those with the "On Created" Python script in the Scripts tab?
  13. Hi guys, I wish to have a Noise animated so that flows towards its complemented version. Basically so that the value 0.5 will provide a perfect blend between the two. (0.5 is currently just grey in my Mix VOP, in the hip file..), So that you can loop it. Much like happens in this tutorial on 04:03 with the Offset parameter on the noise effect generated by the Trigonometry VOP, but then on noise values already generated, if that is possible. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2UNkR1ZNrQ) hip file: shift-animate_noise.hiplc I’m quite stuck with figuring this out. I tries ramps, and modulo’s in multiple ways, but I think I’m missing something. Thanks for any tips, Much appreciated.
  14. Ok wonderful, turns out this is not just an Houdini thing but a global thing, import os print os.path.abspath(path)
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