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  1. Default autosave

    Thanks, it was actually something else in my packages folder that was causing the issue. The Houdini ToolBox library. After deleting that now the autosave scripts work. (btw I pressed sideFX in an RFE too during this time that they should make this an ui option)
  2. find shortest path - "Adjacency Array Attribute"

    Did you find anything? I am looking to get an attribute that enumerates the points for each path. First point the path travels through is 1, second point the path travels to is 2, etc.. I am wondering if this attribute would help with that.
  3. Default autosave

    Just curious, regarding the Python method, what's the Python 3 version of this? Didn't have the time to look into the differences between Python 2 & 3, but I am going to look now in that 456.cmd method and watch those links. Asking the user seems like a nice option indeed. EDIT: both 456.cmd versions do not seem to work. I am on version "18.5.462 Python 3".
  4. Hi, I have just installed the Python 3 version of Houdini to test out if I can use old code with it. I had read something about an included convert-script. My own shelf tool which references an old python script in an own PYTHONPATH of mine produces this error: Do I need to rewrite all my old code? Thanks,
  5. Create Absolute Reference Copy Of A Node

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. POP collisions with large static object

    I have that sometimes too. Still got solace from being able to ask tho, Plus sometimes asking makes you suddenly think of answers you wouldn't think about if you didn't ask. Very strange. ,
  7. I'll answer my own old post: There's a great app called Displays which let's you set Retina displays to non-retina resolutions: https://www.jibapps.com/apps/displays/
  8. Mute animated channels?

    Ah wow, surprise.. forgot this question but that's useful to know.. I never really looked at the dopesheet. Seems like it captures it's 'default' value from the time you unchecked it. Thanks!!
  9. SOP Solver with changing numpt

    I see, you want to find out the age of points created by SOPs like they are particles.. You would need an id attribute for that. I do not understand your last sentence. I just saw the ‘Copy Data Solver’ DOP in the docs and that sounds like it might be promising... Again, I have very little clue how data/objects work in DOPs yet, but I guess I’m gonna try -
  10. SOP Solver with changing numpt

    I'm in the situation where I want to solve attributes on particles which have nothing to do with the particle behaviour. It works perfectly well to solve them in a POP wrangle, but outside the popnet (where the particles are made) it seems like it's impossible in Houdini. Hope someone comes up with an answer that we bring in changing geo in DOPs or a trick in the SOP solver or something..
  11. SOP Solver with changing numpt

    Did you find an answer? Do we have to do this manually, if so; how? Or is the 'SOP Geometry DOP' maybe a way? I'm a DOP novice, but maybe we can bring the changing geo into DOPs and solve specific attributes in there without touching typology, position, 'id', 'age', etc. I really need an answer to this.
  12. Workstation out of the box?

    Haha yeah I suspected something like that. Why is it the only way? And will it take much time to read up on hardware-parts, their workings, workings together with other parts, the building process, etc? If it’s the only way I might go with that but I hope all that does not have as steep a learning curve as Houdini did for me, :-)
  13. Workstation out of the box?

    Hi guys, This is the first time I start thinking about hardware. I have always used a MacBook to learn Houdini but now I need more. Now I don’t want a Mac Pro because it’s very expensive right and I hear that Houdini would run faster on Linux. Every post I read here seem to be about people building workstations themselves? What about pre-configured workstations? What are the minimum/maximum price ranges if you want a really decent workstation for Houdini that’s not a Mac Pro? Thanks for the help and suggestions, cheers
  14. Hi guys, You know, when I have a HDA that generates geometry I like to have an subnet SOP called 'edit geometry' at the end that I set as an 'editable node'. This way I can still add custom stuff inside the subnet and keep the hda locked. (Btw, I also like to drive a switch by a toggle on the hda interface called 'Enable Editing') But sometimes these subnet-SOPs are very deep inside the hda and I keep on using time to navigate through the hda. Sometimes Quickmarks are a help to this, but my hope is there's a better way. Maybe some way to have, next to the toggle 'Enable Editing', have some button or something that says 'Jump to Editable subnet'. My guts tell me this is possible because you often see very 'ui network navigation' magic happen when using Houdini nodes. As for example the 'Solver SOP', or the 'SOP Create LOP', but is this also easily accessible to us the user? Thanks for the help :-)
  15. Thanks bunker, I will look into that. It has no urgency at the moment anymore, but it's on my todo this and if I find proper body of code I'll post it here.