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  1. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Would love to see it too. Really wondering how he makes that work with 2 for loops with the 2 switches. I'm also a beginner.
  2. Thank you. Seeing stuff like this really helps me get a better understanding of Houdini.
  3. Evenly spaced Z points in position Noise VOP?

    Thank you Twan. I think you mean flattening the y btw? I'll put my other post regarding this for reference here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/66556/?page=1#post-284703
  4. Could you maybe show me how you would do that in a Wrangle? Is maybe a For Each method better? As I read in the documentation that they have kind of become the replacement of the Copy Stamp I do not know much about For Each and Copy Stamping and I am going to dive into it now. I ask the example as it is something I would like to know in advance.
  5. Hi, I have created a object with groups, and when I copy it, I want to be able to acces each group on each copy separately, instead of all at once on all copy. Here I read that I could use these cool variables like $CY. Can I also use these to keep and rename existing groups? keep and rename groups.hipnc Thank you!
  6. Would this be the same as the current "Unroll U" stuff?
  7. Hi, I am currently follow cgwiki's JoyOfVex and also HoudiniVolumes from there, which I really like. I am currently not interested in using UV for texturing and stuff and I know very little about them, but now I see on the HoudiniVolumes page that I couldn't even color these lines, if they wouldn't have 'textures'. Seeing this and also that getting wireframes also to do something with UV (i.e. setting Ends SOP with 'close U' set to 'unroll'), it has become clear to me that I should really learn about them and understand what they are. I would like resources that are for beginners (because I am one), but I don't want them to be for beginner in the sense of "this is what you can do with them, now bye". I want to go down to understanding the underlying mechanisms very quickly. Hope you can help. Thanks!
  8. Hi! I create these mountains on my shape with a noise by getting that noise by affecting the @P.y attribute. Of course the mountains are thinner when my shape goes more steep, because the points distributed through the Z axis are more dense there. To resolve this I thought I should use a different Pos for the noise, so I created a grid and put it in the second input. But when I use getattrib(P) on that input and plug it into the noise, I don't get the expected results. (It seems to do nothing much) Is it that you can't use differents Noise pos' like this? Does the topology have to match with the geometry or something? How does this work, exactly? How would one go about evenly distributing the noise position along the Z-Axis? So that you have just as thick mountains everywhere, no matter how steep? Hope you can help me. Thanks.
  9. VOPs - output to @P.y.

    Nice! Thanks u both.
  10. Spherify New Terrain/HeightField?

    Any developments regarding this? I don't necessarily want a sphere, but I would like to create a giant floating island.
  11. Hi, Was wondering how this is done. When I promote the group to edges it also includes edges outside the outside. Thanks for your help. Pardon /// I thought I had clicked every button, but apparently something went wrong with me or with Houdini.
  12. Thanks. I'm gonna buy a heightfield/terrain course then, seems worthy. Would still like to know if you or anyone else found out how you can get rid of these spikes. Thanks again.
  13. Modeling questions (remesh, polyfill)

    Thank you.. Skin would be a better method indeed.
  14. Select Outside Edges Only

    Hi guys.. How does one convert them to edges?