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  1. Techie


    Hi, Check out my new Painter tool that lets you paint seamlessly on an image in the viewport! https://techie.gumroad.com/l/painter
  2. Hi all, I've made a Color Sampler asset that samples colors from an image. Colors can be sampled with points on a line, on a grid, randomly scattered points or with input points. It's also possible to sample the most frequently occurring colors. The sampled colors are stored in a color ramp which can be randomized. You can download it from https://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=6.
  3. Hi, I've just released a Tile Generator asset that can generate seamless brick and hexagon tiles. https://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=5 I plan on adding additional tiles soon. tile_generator.mp4
  4. Hi, I've just released my Seamless Voronoi Fracture asset: http://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=4 It generates seamless 2D and 3D voronoi fractures.
  5. Hi, I've just released my Seamless Geometry asset: http://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=3 It has two modes: Seamless Geometry - makes input geometry seamless and works with polygons, polylines and points. Seamless Instancing Points - relaxes/displaces/orients/scales/deletes input points using seamless noises to prepare them for instancing with a copy node.
  6. Thanks @stickman! I've fixed the link now.
  7. Hi, I've just released version 2 of my Rock Generator asset. Major new features include a new type of displacement to generate cracks, greatly improved UV generation for arbitrary meshes and a new material. You can see more info at http://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=1 and download it from https://www.orbolt.com/asset/Techie::rock_generator::2.0. Here's an example rock: And here's the same rock with fully procedural UVs: Kind regards, Techie
  8. Hi fleity! OK, try the following: 1. Import the asset. 2. Switch to the COP/IMG network and create a VOP COP2 Generator node. 3. Open the VOP node, press tab and select Digital Assets > Seamless Noise. 4. Connect the global X and Y variables to the xParm and yParm on the Seamless Noise node and connect the noise output to the RGB outputs. 5. Hopefully you should see the noise on the Composite View tab now, otherwise try changing the Noise Type, that should trigger it to generate (not sure yet why this is needed). Let me know if that helps! Also see the attached example file which shows how to use it in both COP and SOP nodes. seamless_noise_examples.hip
  9. Hi! I'd like to share a Seamless Noise VOP asset that can generate seamless 2D Perlin, Worley and Voronoi noise. It works in any VOP context, e.g. COPs to generate textures or in SOPs to generate displacement. You can download it here: http://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=2.
  10. Hi again, Version 1.5 was released a few days ago and I've made a short video showing some of the features, see here: https://vimeo.com/181100367.
  11. In case anyone is wondering, I asked support and they said that the only way to create a function in a VOP network is with a digital asset.
  12. Hi, Is there a way to create a function inside an Attribute VOP using nodes instead of VEX? And then being able to call the function (with parameters) from anywhere inside the node. I tried the following: * using a Method Subnetwork and Method Call but it doesn't seem to be the correct way, it seems to be related to shaders only? * using a regular subnetwork but that's not reusable. * creating a digital asset from VOP nodes, which works but I'd rather not do that because I'll need to use several functions and it seems impractical to create assets for each one, and additionally the Attribute VOP itself is going to be used in a digital asset as well. Thanks in advance!
  13. I have now released a new version of the Rock Generator asset, see https://www.orbolt.com/asset/Techie::rock_generator::1.0 The displacement of non-spherical geometry with sharp edges has been improved and I have also remade the texture, among other things. Here's a few examples:
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