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  1. For Houdini: Used Dual E5-2670 or i74930k

    Thats incorrect the i7 Extreme edition chips handle 64gb of ram my current machine has 32gb of ram and 4 more slots available for a total of 64, on top of that I run the 4930 at an overclock of 4.5Mhz combine that with the 6 cores and 12 threads, If I where to move it would be to the i7 5930k or the i7 5820 which I dont see providing enough of a bump to warrant a $700-1000+ outlay. As for DDR4 the difference is minor between it and DDR3. Now for a new build SKylake may work but considering the 5820 is only $30-$50 more Id probably get that and be in position to upgrade to the BRoadwell E when it comes out.
  2. For Houdini: Used Dual E5-2670 or i74930k

    Yeah but there are others for just a little more.
  3. Best thing you can do is get away from the AMD platform, if you can get a 980ti, instead take that money and get the best cpu/motherboard combo from intel you can like the 4790k and just move your ram over that would help a lot. Best of Luck Eric
  4. My i7 4930 workstations motherboard has died, we all know 2011 motherboards are now difficult if not impossible to find, during my search I came across these 4930 motherboard and this Dual E5-2670 mobo and 128gb ram . My question -is it worth it to opt for the dual xeon with 128 gb or just get the 2011 motherboard. I can spend between $500-600 USD, I mainly use houdini, maya and blender. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Eric