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  1. each frame meshes combine to a single mesh

    Thats awesome, exactly what i wanted, Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, I made simple lightning effects and I want to make all frame of this effects in a single mesh like screen capture. I try to use solver sop and it looks okay but you know, there will be a few same multiple mesh. also don't want use timeshift sop to freeze each frame and merge them. If you know good method please help me!! Thank you!
  3. normalize uv??

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!
  4. normalize uv??

    I am trying to normalize uv, I could do no procedural way, I think I need to get max and min uv position but I don't know how, If anybody knows how or have good idea! please help me! thank you!
  5. texture sheets tool filter?

    https://www.sidefx.com/ja/tutorials/channel-packing-pyro-data-using-the-texture-sheets-rop/ I noticed there is tutorial , Thank you
  6. texture sheets tool filter?

    I use texture sheets tool in game dev tool set. and it looks has filter problem or I don't know how to set it. here is original texture form mantra houdini. and here is after packed looks low resolution of no filter after packed. they are previewing in ue4. somebody knows how to fix it? thank you
  7. How co you upload pyro color to geometry

    AH! Yeah just passed,, thank you! you helped me a lot
  8. How co you upload pyro color to geometry

    Thank you very much ikoon, This is exactly what i want. 1 more question please, you add heat value to pscale in pointvop2?? just wanna make it sure I think it better to add scale like this thank you for idea !
  9. Hi guys I'm making explosion fx with box, (like lego movie) and how do you put explosion color on box?? I tried to get density, heat or temperature attribute and multiply ramp param but I think it doesn't work or I did wrong way. If you have any ideas please help me thank you CubeEXP.hip
  10. Vertex texture animation

    Yes I agree, So many pieces in my test scene, Im also working ore render animation with ue4 so its good to know though. Thank you for infomations anyways!!
  11. Vertex texture animation

    I appreciate your help. I should make simulation smaller, and then change the scale in UE4, If It's possible. and Im sorry to ask here,, I could see "RBD toFBX" So, Can I bake rbd sim to FBX?? I think its better way for use rigid body animation in UE4. Thank you so much.
  12. Vertex texture animation

    Hi Mikelyndon Thank you so much for reply. Sure I post here, Plaese put this "Projects" folder under your D drive.(sorry they are messy) and also I am still trying, I posted images about current status about this project looks I fixed FBX problem when I make houdini sim another way,(D:\Projects\waterfallA\Houdini_work\Breaking_Bricks_B.hiplc) but rotation is not correct.. Projects.zip
  13. Vertex texture animation

    Hi, Im a Realtime VFX artist. I'm trying to make it sure that pipeline Houdini to ue4 now (about vertex animation texture). And First I made Rigid body animation, but it didn't work well, Problems and question here ↓ ・I couldn't Import FBX to UE4, sometime I could but I don't know why. ・Vertex animation is looks broken Even import success. (maybe texture doesn't render correctly) ・Which node should set geometry path? Im using "Houdini16 Indie" and "ue4.14 SideFxSamples" Project (Sorry I lost Dates of succeeded Import FBX to UE4) probably those information is not enough, Let me know Please what you need, I'm sorry for random questions. Thank you.
  14. Smooth fluid surface

    Hi thank you for reply me guys! >rbowden resolution control by particle separation right ?? I know it's late in my scene and even If I set them high it still not smooth.... so is particle fluid surface enough for it? Let me check that tutorial anyways!!! >argilop I will try smooth VDB ! thank you ! But ...umm how do i say... I think I needed to make flat flip sim! I should try first anyways I will ask here again If I can't fix it! so,, please ! thank you again
  15. Smooth fluid surface

    Hi guys again, sorry I ask too much one day I will give you back ! Anyway I am making sticky liquid scene, and I want to have really smooth liquid surface . But I don't now....Please check My posted pictures I tried with "particle fluid surface" and something VDB... Well Someone have Idea or know any topics!!??? PLEASE!!! And I also added sample scene Thank you sticky_SIM.hipnc