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  1. Adding geometry attraction force to Flip?

    Thanks guys! So what I did in the end is to negate the volume gradient of the collider and use it as force, it is working well!
  2. Adding geometry attraction force to Flip?

    I did turned on stick on collision, the first layer of fluid will stick but the second layer will just fall off from the first layer, is there a reason to add control field when there is no varying sticky attribute?
  3. Adding geometry attraction force to Flip?

    Hi Ernest, thanks for the reply, what do you mean by "and then take the cross product of this and again the volume gradient of the collider"?
  4. Hi guys, is there a way to add attraction force from the collider to the fluid? What I want to achieve is the fluid to slide, sticking closely to the collider geometry instead of raining down once it passes the top edge. flipToSlide.mp4 flipToSlide.hip
  5. Hi guys, I am rendering points scatter on a geometry but is there a way to render only the points that are facing the camera? So as to prevent xray of the inside or the other side of the geometry. Or maybe it can be like a ramp, where the points near the camera is white, ramping to black at the other side, and multiply it to the pscale. pointsFacingCamera.hip
  6. Thanks Thomas, that helps for this case. But I was also wondering if there is a way like what catchyid have mentioned, get the last frame of the animation and transfer the id back to the starting frame?
  7. Hi all, I am currently having this issue of pscale flickering due to changing id every frame, is there a way to predetermine the id before the playback, so that the id will always be the same? pscaleID.mp4 pscaleID_v001.hip
  8. Hello, I wanted to achieve a speed trail effect, so I created the lines by connecting point id but as the points are looping, it created this long line that connect the start and end of the path, is there a way to prevent it? speed_trail_v001.hip speed_trail_v001.mov
  9. Yes Vitor, that is what I wanted, but is there a way to blur/blend the normals for those points that have more than 1 influences?
  10. Ideally what I wanted to achieve is the normals to be pointing at some scattered points, what I have right now is the normals pointing at a point position of 0,0,0 normals_direction_v001.hip
  11. Hi all, I was watching this video about pcfind, my question is what if you have more points to sample instead of just 1 point, can we still use the pcfind method? I would love to learn more about the usage of pcfind.
  12. Solver in Cops

    Interested in knowing this as well
  13. Color Twisting

    Thats works! Thanks!!
  14. Hi guys, I would like to twist my geometry color while keeping the point position intact, so it will look like a paint spill kind of effects, how would I able to achieve it? Thanks. colorTwist.hip
  15. Flip Fluids with Color

    Hi guys, I need the solution too, have anyone figure it out? Emitting flip with different color.