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  1. stitching cloth

    Hi Atom, the video is unavailable, and also is it possible to do stitching over time of the same object in Vellum?
  2. RBD pre-solve intersection?

    Thanks, this helps!
  3. RBD pre-solve intersection?

    Hi guys, I am doing a simulation where the rbd objects will fill up a box partition, however, they were already intersecting before the simulation. When they were sim-ed, some were still intersecting and sticking on each other, hence is there a way to pre solve the intersection before the simulation? rbd_test_v001.hip
  4. Vellum Cloth Points Jittering Issue

    Thanks Noobini, from the hip file that you have provided, even with the damp animated, the points are still jittering non-stop after the run, using a freeze doesn't help if the character move, idle and move again.
  5. Hi all, I am doing a vellum cloth simulation on the shirt that a character is wearing. When the character did a jump to rest animation, the points would jitter non-stop as if they are not losing energy at all, I suspect is the constant collision with the character when he comes to rest? I'm new to vellum so can someone please shed me some light on this, any solution is welcome. Thanks! (I might not be able to share the hip file.)
  6. Great this is what I wanted to achieve, thanks!
  7. While I still want to keep the shared edges so it will be a round sphere
  8. Hi guy, I did a voronoi fracture on the sphere and wanted to extrude it base on the voronoi pattern, however, it extruded the triangular which is the base topo of the sphere, may I know how do I make it to extrude the voronoi pattern instead?
  9. Okay I have found it, in the grainsource node, just need to uncheck Uniform Radius, and increase Random Volume
  10. Hi, I'm trying to give each grain a different size with the popgrains node, however, there is only Particle Separation that determines the uniform size, so is there a way to randomize pscale with the use of popgrain node?
  11. Hi cloud68, thanks for the help, may I know where should I input these script on? is it on the callback script on the buttons creation and changed from Hscript to python?
  12. Hi guys, so I was following entagma video: http://www.entagma.com/special-guest-tutorial-shortest-path-growth/ However, I decided to apply that technique on a deforming object, but some of the lines keep jumping around, I guess is because the distance keep changing when the object deforms, hence is there a way to solve it? Like only find the distance in the first frame and stay the way as it is until the end?
  13. Hi, I want to customize buttons which will allow me to find the min/max speed attribute and set it back to the parameters. I am new to Houdini and python, will appreciate some helps, thanks.