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  1. What I wanted to achieve is to simulate the grains in a more efficient way, only the one closer to the camera is smaller to get detailed simulation. Or is there any other way?
  2. Hi guys, is there a way for vellum grain, before bringing into the vellum solver, to have pscale based on distance from camera, so grains that are closer to the camera will be smaller, and those that are far will be bigger?
  3. Gas turbulence to not affect near emitter

    Got it, thanks for the explanation
  4. Gas turbulence to not affect near emitter

    Hi Matt, thanks for the help, it works really well, but may I know in the gas resize dynamic, what is the use for the Extra Resize Fields and the purpose for Delay Frames = 1?
  5. Hi guys, I'm trying to achieve this effects that the gas turbulence will not affect area near the emitter. However the method that I'm using, is to create a volume mask at the geometry level and merge it with the emitter source, using the mask as the control field for gas turbulence, but this is very slow to sim as my gas resize field dynamic will not work anymore. Is there a more efficient way or perhaps create this volume mask in dop level instead? controlfield.mov controlField_v001.hip
  6. disturbance when velocity

    Hi Andrill, is this the one, to be changed to vector and add a length after it. Is there a way to see the connection of what is this node linked to at the Gas Field Vop level?
  7. disturbance when velocity

    Hi, have anyone figured out how to do this trick in the modified gas disturb node in Houdini 18?
  8. Outputting geometry on 2s

    Ah I see, yeap I'm using houdini 17.
  9. Outputting geometry on 2s

    Chill chill, in the file vu _on23s.hipnc that I have downloaded, it is using a merge node, but once I changed it to switch node with the expression, it works! Thanks again.
  10. Outputting geometry on 2s

    Let me know if it is not clear, but I am really grateful for your help!
  11. Outputting geometry on 2s

    The animation curve should be something like this
  12. Outputting geometry on 2s

    Hi Noobini, for your example, the points are still moving every frames, when I wanted to achieve is actually a stepped animation, if it is an mocap, it will be to delete keys for every two frames and use a stepped curve, so every second frame should be a still.
  13. Hi guys, so right now I need to do a cloth simulation and export it out on 2s. So what I have thought of is, simulate the cloth as per normal, then for the result, for every 2 frames the points will take it previous frame's position, does anyone know how could I realize it? Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I am trying to make wavy ribbons following a path, I have copied the ribbon geometry to the emitting points generated by popnet, however after I bring them to vellum, it spawned multiple instancers per geometry as shown on the gif. Appreciate for some helps over here. ribbons_v001.hip
  15. Oh thanks David, it is working now. By any chance do you know other way to achieve this effect as I was just doing what I know, so I'm not sure if it is the best way.