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  1. Ideally what I wanted to achieve is the normals to be pointing at some scattered points, what I have right now is the normals pointing at a point position of 0,0,0 normals_direction_v001.hip
  2. Hi all, I was watching this video about pcfind, my question is what if you have more points to sample instead of just 1 point, can we still use the pcfind method? I would love to learn more about the usage of pcfind.
  3. Solver in Cops

    Interested in knowing this as well
  4. Color Twisting

    Thats works! Thanks!!
  5. Hi guys, I would like to twist my geometry color while keeping the point position intact, so it will look like a paint spill kind of effects, how would I able to achieve it? Thanks. colorTwist.hip
  6. Flip Fluids with Color

    Hi guys, I need the solution too, have anyone figure it out? Emitting flip with different color.
  7. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    Anyone knows what does surface tension does actually? I tried reading the doc but couldn't get it.
  8. Advice for making paint flow down a wall

    Same I need help with this as well, somehow the liquid is just too thick and I couldn't control it no matter what attribute I adjust.
  9. For-each odd number

    Thanks, another question here, in my offset ty, is it possible to use the bounding box YMAX of the previous iteration, rather than multiplying it with a 0.52 value?
  10. Hi guys, I am learning to use the for-each loop and doing a flipping animation, which on each iteration, each primitive will flip up in clock-wise direction, is there a way to make it such that on each odd number iteration, it will flip anti clockwise? And also right now I'm using timeshift to delay the animation, if there a way to use an effector instead? Thanks for the help! foreach_v001.mp4 foreach_v001.hip
  11. Hi guys, I wanted to achieve the origami folding effects, so I followed Entagma's polyfolding tutorials and toward the end of the tutorial, Manuel mentioned that we could add a scale matrix, to scale as it unfolds to prevent intersection, does anyone know how to achieve that and willing to share with me? Thanks, Zjie polyfolding_scale_v001.hip
  12. Rigidbody to fall in precise end goal

    Yea so what I wanted to achieve is, for each piece, once they hit the collision plane, they will blend to the resting position, is there a way to do it? Anyone have any clue?
  13. Rigidbody to fall in precise end goal

    So now I have this setup, is there a way to set it up that once the rigidbody hit the floor, it will "blend" to the rest position in the next 20 frames? test02.mp4 dropStand_rnd_v004.hip
  14. Rigidbody to fall in precise end goal

    By goal position, do you mean using a popattract? I'm new to Houdini and as far as I have noticed, the thing about popattract is that the points will hover around the goal, instead of sticking onto them. test.mp4
  15. Hi all, I wanted to do a rigidbody simulation where the rigidbodies body start with random orientation, they falls and line up in neat and orderly manner, but I just couldn't wrap my head around it, is there a way to do it? I don't want to do a reverse simulation as it will looks fake. Thanks! dropStand_rnd_v001.hip