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  1. Hello Everyone, This training series we will look at the basics of the Houdini particle system and also cover a variety of POP nodes to better understand how the Houdini particle system works. The training will also go through a variety of small projects that will combine a variety of POP nodes, smoke simulation, RBDs and various sop level tools to create a range of effects. The first 100 sales will get a 50% discount. for more details kindly click on the link given below https://www.rohandalvi.net/particles
  2. Baking a cake in Houdini - training

    Hello everyone, The training will take you through the steps of how to detail the cupcake and icing using volume noise and then animate the cupcake using a combination of procedural and key frame animation. For more information kindly click on the link given below. https://www.rohandalvi.net/cupcakes
  3. Hello everyone, Welcome to procedural modeling in Houdini. The idea behind this training was to take a character model and then generate an armour or a second skin on top of it completely procedurally, and also have the armour or skin design change every frame to give you multiple variations. For more information kindly click on the link given below https://www.rohandalvi.net/procedural regards Rohan Dalvi
  4. Procedural Armour generation

    Hi, This is going to be my next training series. Procedural armour generation in Houdini. There's still a lot of work to be done. I need to detail the torso, the neck and finally build a head gear. But it's coming along fine, so I figured it looks decent enough to share.
  5. Rocket Bus - houdini training

    Hello everyone, The primary aim of this training is to provide a project that will take the viewer through as much of Houdini as possible. Letting them utilize all the various tools that Houdini provides for modeling and VFX to generate a detailed environment. Currently the training is available for redshift and octane. Next week, I'll be recording the mantra version. There is a 25% introductory discount in the entire training till 18th may 2019 Click on the link given below for more information http://www.rohandalvi.net/rocketbus
  6. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Going to add a slightly silly request. A better render view, like corona , Redshift, octane or maxwell. Parameters for exposure, highlight compression, color balance, bloom and glare and loading .cube LUTs. It’s would be nice to have some postfx stuff inside the render view. Maybe just integrate some of the COP tools into the mplay.
  7. Some recent work

    Hi, Just posting some of my recent art. Most of it is houdini. Some is a mix of Houdini, Daz and Marvelous Designer. If you see a character, that's definitely from Daz. Everything is rendered in Octane. regards Rohan
  8. My hang glider ran away

    Always wanted to make a cloudscape. Rendered in Octane. About 48 mins on a single GTX 1080. 1600 x 2000 pixels.
  9. Introduction to Houdini series

    I'll try and avoid saying that.
  10. Introduction to Houdini series

    Hello Everyone, Happy New year I've been making a series of videos for beginners over the last couple of months. These require no prior knowledge of houdini. I've uploaded them to youtube as well since Youtube generates really good subtitles automatically. I'm putting the link below for the youtube playlist. I hope you find it useful. Houdini playlist regards
  11. Terrain Building in Houdini

    Hello Everyone, This training is will cover the new height field tools introduced in Houdini 16. The training comprises of 5 projects that will cover techniques to create a variety of terrains. Over the course of the projects the videos will cover a majority of the heightfield tools such as noise, pattern, mask by feature, heightfield layer, erode, heightfield wrangle etc. The training is available for Redshift, Arnold, Octane and Mantra. For more information kindly click on the link given below http://www.rohandalvi.net/terrains
  12. Neon Dreams - Overwatch fanart

    Hi, This would technically be my first fan art in Houdini. Usually I make all of my fan arts in Daz and use Houdini to do some additional modelling since you can't model in Daz. This time I went the other way around primarily because I wanted to try the new Hair tool in Houdini 16. Which, by the way, are fantastic. The character and clothing were posed in Daz and exported as obj to Houdini. Hair and the rest of the scene is Houdini. Skin and hair shader is custom because octane doesn't have a skin or a hair shader. For my next one I'll try the new auto rigging tools on Houdini.
  13. Introduction to Vex

    I have at least two more lessons planned. One which will deal with a little bit of trigonometry and another for particles. I'm going to see if I can come up with more stuff. if you have anything specific in mind let me know and I can plan accordingly.
  14. Introduction to Vex

    Hello everyone, This is a simple introduction to using Vex.
  15. Making Dessert in Houdini - Training

    Mainly I just wanted to create a training using the other renderers available for Houdini. That was the primary reason. The other reason was speed. Literally every major object in the scene has either SSS or absorption or both. Mantra is never happy with either of those things. I'm not saying it doesn't give the results . It just gives it really really slowly. Which is why for the initial bit I focused on the GPU renderers. I still might make a version for Mantra when I start working on the Arnold version. I just haven't decided yet. I guess you'll find out in May.