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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to Houdini 16 Rigging System but I'm charmed with it so I decided to use it as my primary animation tool. Recently I rigged a pig and do a very simple test animation whose keyframes are set to null controllers which control the bones, but when i tried to export it to fbx in Unity, no animation takes at all were recognized. I tried rop fbx and /out/filmboxfbx but none of them works. I've been searching for guides or tutorials for a long time but no luck. I guess maybe the reasons are below: 1. The keyframes were set to null controllers instead of bones; 2. No skin deformations were written. How can I transfer these keyframes mentioned above to bones? And how can I bake animations to deformation information that can be recognized by Unity? Maybe a newbie question, but any help & suggestions will be great appreciated! Enclosed is my HIP and geos. Many Thanks PigTest.rar