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  1. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to share my Procedural Lake Houses tutorial series, where I show how to generate the houses all the way from base silhouette to final shading. Example of the Generated Content: Link to cmiVFX page: https://cmivfx.com/products/494-procedural-lake-house-building-creation-in-houdini-volume-1 Thank you for watching and have a good day!
  2. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Thank you Yeah, it's crazy when I think about it...
  3. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Hope, all of you are having a wonderful Sunday I have some great news to share today: a complete 5-volume discounted bundle of Houdini Procedural Lake Houses is now available on Gumroad! It is something that has been asked about a lot, and I'm happy to finally include this option. Enjoy and, as usual, big thank you! You are awesome. Link to Gumroad: https://gum.co/qaEZ
  4. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Thank you Yes, in some near future I'm planning to add a bundle option!
  5. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    The final Volume 5 is now online on Gumroad (gum.co/qXIjl)! It’s been such a great journey creating this series for you, guys. I can't express how very inspiring it is to be a part of such a wonderful community and meeting so many amazing people along the way. A big universal thank you! Keep learning, creating and reaching impossible step by step every day!
  6. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Hi, everyone! I hope, you had amazing Christmas and New Year and it brought you many happy moments and new experiences. For me, it was a great time to continue sharing more knowledge with you and I'm very excited to announce that Volume 4 is out now and available on gum.co/sVtLq PS: I have received some very nice updates on what people are doing with the course and it is very inspiring to see that you bring some of your own creative charge into the tutorial! Thank you for the feedback and I hope to see some more amazing examples
  7. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    No worries I understand I mention in the promo that I expect a good knowledge of Houdini UI and some basic knowledge of VEX (or checking official documentation before starting) as indeed I never stop to explain that, otherwise, the course would simply be beyond my scope. As well as on SideFX website, I marked the series as "Intermediate". Hope, one day it won't seem too difficult to you anymore
  8. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    After some time after all the volumes are released, yes, I'm planning to add a bundle option
  9. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Hi Aaron, That is correct, the 4th volume will be free only for people who made a direct purchase of all 3 volumes on cmivfx (no subscriptions). It is my way of compensating (as the tutorials are now cheaper on gumroad than they were on cmivfx) and saying "thank you"
  10. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Exciting times and a big update: the tutorials are now released through gumroad (https://gumroad.com/anopara), which is great news as it will be cheaper and I will be able to maintain the content directly J The volumes on cmivfx will be removed. If you bought the tutorial through cmivfx earlier, write to me (I can find you in the database or show me the receipt), and I will give you an access to the volumes you purchased free of charge on gumroad. If you have bought all 3 existing volumes on cmivfx, you are awesome, and when 4th volume comes out, it will be a gift for you! Thanks to you, guys, this is a great journey that pushes me to explore new things. Without your support, it wouldn't be possible. Wholeheartedly thank you, Anastasia
  11. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    @bonsak @ciliath the bundle option might very well be but no ETA on it though
  12. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Thank you, Bonsak! I will check on that with cmivfx, and let you know
  13. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Thank you, Johnny! There is more to come!
  14. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Vol 2 is now available! link: https://cmivfx.com/products/496-procedural-lake-house-building-creation-in-houdini-volume-2
  15. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Thank you, David! Yes, Kim's examples are always truly inspiring I do not indeed account for the roofs intersection with another elements, as it was not my goal in this project. One of the goal was to automatocally generate roofs that recognize its relationship with the building and the roofs-neighbours. Based on those parameters, the height and elevations are calculated and the merging is determined. I have a trick there how I account for intersection of the building blocks, when creating the silhouette. But I'm not sure it will work on the roofs. Hope, that answers your question And if you have any other questions when following the tutorial, do not hesitate to contact me here or mail me at anastasiaopara@gmail.com