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  1. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Using the "Planar Patch From Curves" gives really nice results. Leaf_v0103.hiplc
  2. Color picker average sample

    Thats great! Going to use that, thanks for sharing your findings The techie tool is not my creation though, just really like it. Forgot to upload the little asset I created. attached it here. avg_color.hiplc
  3. Color picker average sample

    Hi, Don't know of a way to do it with the color picker but you could always just do it in sops, I did a quick setup not very efficient. This is a great color sampler. https://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=6
  4. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you can create groups like that in the POP group node, should work in popwrangle with the input 0 set to myself. This works in the setup I created, just added another POP group node with this inside.
  5. Hi, I took a shot at this, threw up a scene to show you what I found to work. What I have done is, 1. Put the particles I want in flip into a group "particles" 2. Delete the particles the next solve step. 3. Import the pop particles in a sopnet delete everything but the "particles" 4. Use that sopnet for importing to flip. Hope that helps pop_to_flip.hiplc
  6. Vellum Ignore Collision

    Hi, Might this do what you are looking for? dop_collision_specific.hiplc
  7. Rollup geometry

    Not quite sure what you are after, here is my guess. An alternative to copying along a curve
  8. UVs for procedural corals

    Yeah. Basically, just dilate it out so that you can use the ray sop to project it back when you got acceptable UVs. Auto uv set to cluster with a low number of cluster has worked well for me in the past. Might also slice up your mesh and the UVs one piece at a time.
  9. UVs for procedural corals

    Just an idea. It might help if you dilate the vdb, smooth the vdb then try to auto uv -> project it back onto the coral to bake out your maps.
  10. python table import modifies data within the table

    Hi, I took a shot at this. The table importer split the float into columns at the "." Here is how I corrected that. Hope that helps table_import_decimal.hiplc
  11. Renderman Skin Shader

    There are these, they should shed some light on the SSS process in PRman. https://renderman.pixar.com/louise https://renderman.pixar.com/photorealistic-head Should not be problematic to translate what is talked about to Houdini. One issue I have had with PRman SSS is that the Mean Free Path Distance does not match Maya's, you should be able to tweak this with the "Unit Length" (if I remember correctly it should be 0.001 for Houdini) and adjust it according to what you units your model is in. Hope that helps.