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  1. Skipping node if empty

    Was watching this yesterday and he went over this issue clearly. @32min
  2. Open Gl Render without Lighting

    What I do when I want no lighting in OGL is to make a constant shader and disable "High Quality Lighting" on the OGL ROP.
  3. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    I just switch to manual mode before opening a file that I need to be in manual mode. Is this kind of what you want?
  4. Yeah, I believe it's a daily build.
  5. Here is 17.5.350 Seems to be working correctly
  6. Houdini FLIPS collision disappearance issue

    Hi, I recently struggled with this exact issue. What I ended up doing was, 1. Extract the transform of the animated character and use the "normalized" character as the collision. 2. Disabled "Reseeding". 3. Setting the "Particle Radius Multiplier" on the flip object quite high (3-4), I needed the character to be completely filled throughout so you might get away with a lower value. 4. Activate "Apply Particle Separation", less particles seemed to work better. So you might want to do a first pass and somehow upres it afterwards. 5. Apply inverted extracted transform. Even with this I was experiencing volume-loss at random times, would love to get a good solution for this though.
  7. NetworkImage

    Really useful script, thanks for sharing! Got an error when bypassing the null using the Linux version, got it fixed by replacing line 77 with, backgroundImagesDic[i].setBrightness(brightness) Seemed to just miss the [i]
  8. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Using the "Planar Patch From Curves" gives really nice results. Leaf_v0103.hiplc
  9. Color picker average sample

    Thats great! Going to use that, thanks for sharing your findings The techie tool is not my creation though, just really like it. Forgot to upload the little asset I created. attached it here. avg_color.hiplc
  10. Color picker average sample

    Hi, Don't know of a way to do it with the color picker but you could always just do it in sops, I did a quick setup not very efficient. This is a great color sampler. https://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=6
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you can create groups like that in the POP group node, should work in popwrangle with the input 0 set to myself. This works in the setup I created, just added another POP group node with this inside.
  12. Hi, I took a shot at this, threw up a scene to show you what I found to work. What I have done is, 1. Put the particles I want in flip into a group "particles" 2. Delete the particles the next solve step. 3. Import the pop particles in a sopnet delete everything but the "particles" 4. Use that sopnet for importing to flip. Hope that helps pop_to_flip.hiplc
  13. Vellum Ignore Collision

    Hi, Might this do what you are looking for? dop_collision_specific.hiplc
  14. Rollup geometry

    Not quite sure what you are after, here is my guess. An alternative to copying along a curve