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  1. In need of a good car paint shader for Renderman. Does anyone know of any tutorials or places I can download from? Thankyou!
  2. Hi, I have an environment geo along with an animated camera and the undistorted plates from the camera. I want to project these plates onto the geo to get a base for the texturing. How do I go about setting it up? Please help! Thanks!
  3. I am looking for a script / help woth creating a script which basically copies all the textures connected to the mesh into one folder. So, the script could go through the data tree and figure out the shaders that are connected. And then go through the *t1_map_file* node and copy the texture from its path into a specified folder. Reason to do this is that most of the time when I am texturing my scene, I have textures coming in from all over my drives so it would be nice to have them all in one folder when I am done with it and want to pack it up.
  4. Renderman Skin Shader

    I am trying to create a realistic skin shader in renderman in Houdini but my skin keeps rendering with very hard bump. almost looks like stone. I tried upping the SSS but it doesnt make much difference. Is there a tutorial on how to make a good skin shader in PRman + houdini?
  5. Export Obj's per UDIM

    This is awesome! thanks!
  6. Export Obj's per UDIM

    Hi, I have this huge set and I am trying to split it into smaller parts. Is there a way to export obj's per UDIM ? Thanks!
  7. Hello People! I did a simple wet sand sim in Houdini and want to bring it to 3dsmax so that I can render it with Houdini. I tried searching the forum for a straight to-the-point guide but was unable to find out. If anyone can help me export these particles or point me to the right guide, I'd really appreciate it. I am using Houdini 15.5 and I have the saved particle frame on disk. its a .bgeo.sc file. Thankyou
  8. Modeling Powder

    Hello! I am making a scene which has a bunch of food items in it and I'm planning to put powdered sugar / chocolate in there as well. Any idea how I can model a small mountain of powder? Reference Image :: http://tisano.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/cocoa-powder-pile1.jpg I will be taking it out of Houdini and into 3ds max for rendering.
  9. Geometry Failed Error

    I think I figured it out. in the music file path, it was $HIP\music.mp3 .. it should be $HIP/music.mp3 wow. I've launched the render again. hopefully it will render now.
  10. Geometry Failed Error

    yep. I just used it yesterday and it was working fine with this file. Today I made some changes and now this error. I really can't seem to figure out whats wrong...
  11. Geometry Failed Error

    Hi, I am trying to render a few frames on my school's renderfarm but every time I do, i get this error - " Error saving geometry for: /obj/pin-board/attribvop1 " I looked over the file and everything looks fine to me. Can anyone help me figure out whats going wrong? I posted the $HIP folder as .rar with this post. geo_error.rar
  12. Hi, I did some fancy RBD simulations and now I would like to take the final state of my objects into Maya. The export options seems disabled. Any way i can export the final state of my sim into Maya..maybe OBJ or alembic. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am trying to make a plate / cup full of pomegranate seeds. I have a couple of models made in maya but when i import them into Houdini, they import as one whole object. Is there a way to separate them out and use a CopySOP to sort of scatter them randomly on a surface? Also, is there a more efficient way of filling a cup / plate / utensil with these seeds (the only way I know is to make a lot of copies of them and drop them into the utensil using RBD) I am planning to do the setup in houdini and take it back to Maya for shading/rendering. The images I have attached will help in conveying what I am trying to explain. thanks! fill_object_file.hipnc
  14. Color by height

    thanks! this works great
  15. Color by height

    Hi, I am using a music file to change the height of a bunch of boxes and was wondering how to change the color of the box based on its height. I just started learning houdini so I am not very well versed with complex shading techniques. I tried using an Attrib VOP with a ramp in it, but the ramp is coming horizontally. Any assistance will be helpful. thanks! bank5.hipnc