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  1. I made a explode ball (voronoi+foreach(make them scale and dissapear)) and I copy them along with my ground. And I animate the camera. What I am trying to do is to make the ball explode where my camera goes by. Is there a way to achieve it? Like a trigger or something? I tried to ramp my copy point, but I don't know how to connect it between the explode animation. The following is my hip file, please help me. Thank you so so much!!! cut01.hip
  2. How to import open vector of ai to Houdini?

    I am such an idiot, have been trying all day and didn't think of .abc Thank you so much!
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to ask about how to import an open vector illustrator file in houdini to make an open curve? My ai file is saved as ai 8. Please see the files I attach below. Thank you so much! Fingerprint.ai (.ai) (.c4d) (.hip)
  4. Thank you guys for reply. My current work place is mainly use houdini. (Sort like a small studio) I want to learn houdini with them. But they are not quite good at rendering. Always use the shots to avoid the defect. I think their works are awesome but shouldn't be just like that. They also think so, but can't get any access to make it better. They don't wanna use other 3d softwares cause they already have 10 houdini licenses for network rendering. So I wonder if there's some other solutions or maybe some advanced tutorials. We watched almost all the popular tutorials about houdini rendering that can find on google. Like the tutorial by Rohan Dalvi and those from sidefx website. The most realistic image render with mantra I can found on google is "Tea and Cookies" by Rohan Dalvi. I'll try harder to learn, hope someday I can replace cinema 4d entirely with houdini.... Thank you so much. (houdini mantra by Rohan Dalvi) (c4d octane by Eric O. Borbon)
  5. Hello, I am a beginner of houdini, I used to use c4d for my 3d project. After using houdini for a while, I found houdini's mantra render is extremely slow, and not easy to make a realistic render. I know mantra can make photo realistic, but it's really hard to learn and take more time to learn and to do than other softwares. I wonder how many people export to other 3d softwares to render (or directly just do animation in other 3d softwares)? Of course I didn't mean anything dynamic. Just basic objects like computers, cars, etc. And composite the object and dynamic stuff together. Or how many people use third party render engine in houdini? Thank you.