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  1. divide surface

    You can also drop a Primitive SOP after a Facet with Unique Points and adjust the scale on the transformation tab
  2. I would look into making a helix out of a curve. If your tree model has a skeleton or curve as a base I would use them otherwise you will have to make the curves manually. I think there are also some forum posts here on making a skeleton out of 3d geometry.
  3. Selecting Geo Outline Edges

    Hey James, I've attached my attempt. The two main differences I have ini my scene are promoting the border group to primitive to later reference in the poly wire, and on the ends node I set Close U to "Unroll with new points" Thanks, Sean polywireBorderEdges.hipnc
  4. This looks to be exactly what you are after, you can even make a mask attribute with can drive a group expression node: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/distancefromgeometry.html
  5. Colors from Points to VDB : troubles

    Hi David, I have included a simple scene to show how to add and show colours on a volume. The reason that your volume looks like that is because of how Houdini visualises vector volumes in the viewport. You will need to drop down a volume visualise node, set Density Field to "density" and Diffuse Field to your colour volume. I reccomend "Cd" as this sticks with Houdini's naming conventions and you can name your colour volume on the VDB to Particles node where it says VDB name under the attribute dropdown. I'm not sure what's causing the other issue unfortunately Thanks, Sean coloredPointsToVolume_SeanR.hipnc
  6. [q] for each node

    You are pointing to the incorrect level, try: `point("../foreach_begin1", @ptnum, "pt_id1", 0)` and centroid("../foreach_begin1", D_X) centroid("../foreach_begin1", D_Y) centroid("../foreach_begin1", D_Z) Also, your foreach_begin Method needs to be set to "Fetch Piece or Point Thanks, Sean
  7. The each line produced from the findshortestpath SOP will be 1 single primitive. If you set the color node to Primitive and then random each line will a separate colour.
  8. Make breakable - Continous Fracture

    Hi Johannes, There doesn't seem to be an exact way (at least not that I can see). But there are a couple of parameters you can change to roughly achieve this: Minimum volume: Anything below this threshold wont fracture and you can calculate the fractured pieces volume in a wrangle. Points by area: By lowering this value you control the amount of fractures. Less fractures, the bigger the pieces. Maximum Fractures: Increase this number to keep fracturing the RBD object until all pieces have fractured to their smallest size. Hope this helps!
  9. enlarge size of pointnumber

    Hi Olly! Hit "D" in the viewport to bring up the Display Options, go to the Guide tab and you will see a parameter called "Guide Font" Thanks, Sean
  10. Particles not emitting along vector attribute ?

    You need to define your velocity. If you add the following line to your wrangle it will work: v@v = @N; You will also need to reset the Inherit attributes parameter back to "*"
  11. Vellum-popnet issue

    Hi Michal, I put an "*" in the Pin Points parameter to include all the points and set Pin Type to Soft. The pigs now follow the animation and interact with each other. issue_fixed.hipnc
  12. Have you tried fit($FF, 1, 600, 1, 100)
  13. Huh, strang. At least it sorted itself out!
  14. Looks like you're missing the constraint_type attribute. Try this in a primitive wrangle: s@constraint_type = "all";
  15. string array compare

    How are you referencing or isolating your primitive number? If you want to isolate the left shoe using the path, you can use @path=="leftShoe" in the group parameter of a blast node. In an if statement you could do something like this: if(s@path != "leftShoe"){ removepoint(0, @ptnum); } If you really want to go the string array route maybe the strmatch() function will help?