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  1. enlarge size of pointnumber

    Hi Olly! Hit "D" in the viewport to bring up the Display Options, go to the Guide tab and you will see a parameter called "Guide Font" Thanks, Sean
  2. Particles not emitting along vector attribute ?

    You need to define your velocity. If you add the following line to your wrangle it will work: v@v = @N; You will also need to reset the Inherit attributes parameter back to "*"
  3. Vellum-popnet issue

    Hi Michal, I put an "*" in the Pin Points parameter to include all the points and set Pin Type to Soft. The pigs now follow the animation and interact with each other. issue_fixed.hipnc
  4. Have you tried fit($FF, 1, 600, 1, 100)
  5. Huh, strang. At least it sorted itself out!
  6. Looks like you're missing the constraint_type attribute. Try this in a primitive wrangle: s@constraint_type = "all";
  7. string array compare

    How are you referencing or isolating your primitive number? If you want to isolate the left shoe using the path, you can use @path=="leftShoe" in the group parameter of a blast node. In an if statement you could do something like this: if(s@path != "leftShoe"){ removepoint(0, @ptnum); } If you really want to go the string array route maybe the strmatch() function will help?
  8. Expression on PopDrag Error

    Are you trying to set the third element of windvelocity? If so, give this a try: if(@Time > 2.8){ windvelocity.z = -2; }
  9. subtracting centroid using vex

    Hi Matt, It looks like it's an order of operations thing. If you wrap @P2-@P in brackets it seems to work fine
  10. For Each Attribute Value

    Try a for-each point or for-each primitive depending on the attribute type, then enable "Piece Attribute"
  11. Simulation inside a loop

    You don't need to use a foreach. Look into wedging: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/wedge.html
  12. list of vertices

    To put the vertices in an array attribute: i[]@prim_vertices = primvertices(0, @primnum); You have to declare @prim _vertices as an array. You don't need the first line of your code, that would declare a variable. Unless that's what you want of course
  13. Read files through a loop

    The file merge SOP should do the job: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/filemerge.html
  14. Attributes inside condition

    That should work, @NewVec should be visible in the geometry spreadsheet. To get it to write as a vector attribute you will need to put a v before the @.
  15. PackedObject scaling with time in DOP

    The Entagma guys have a nice solution for this: