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  1. thank you so much Jamie~ i post hip file.. i don`t know as well how can i do... now i triying make fog.. Fog_Volume_03.hipnc
  2. how to make fog effect

    thank you so much Ryan advice i found tutorials but i can`t find as well so i asked at here thanks for introduced tutorials for me
  3. how to make fog effect

    oh thank you so much Atomic i saw your hip file and tried make like reference video but i failed... how can i make like reference video shape and moving...? can you give me more detail information? please help~ i`m sorry to ask over and over... i`m houdini beginner so i don`t know as well... ah! and i`m useing houdini 14
  4. how to make fog effect

    hi how can i make the fog effect at houdini someone have diea?... i want make lie this fog
  5. hi i`m houdini beginner so i don`t know as well i have lots questions... my question is i want make dust sotrm and fog effect in houdini and want make detail my pyro effect how can i use displacement at volume and how make more detail pyroclastic i tried manytimes but i can`t make nice result... please someone give me advice and i`m sorry i can`t use english aswell.. so my question is 1. how can make fog effect in houdini 2. how can i use displacement at volume 3. how can i make detail pyroclastic thanks for read my questions and sorry to ask basic at here i hope someone reply to my question have a nice day and thank you i`m looking like this dust storm - i looking like this fog - i`m looking like this pyroclastic