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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I think it's a part of the more generic problem of H. UI. In many cases houdini reacting to "mouse-button-down" / "key-press" immediately unlike most of other software's where command is executed after complete event (key down ... key up). It's sometimes a problem in the viewport as well.
  3. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Support for "real" tabulator char. in wranglers. Automatically fill Label parameter from parameter Name (can involve some smart conversion like "my_foo" -> "My Foo").
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Regardless of bugs you really cannot compare to nuke. I'm not a compositor - but even for simple slapcomps you have to be really lucky to render what you want from COPs. Sad is that everyone I know can see the potential (VOPs, same env paths, super easy pipeline integration for hou-based studios, etc.) but it's not wise to use it i production when you have a deadline. To ask which bugs you mean is the same like to ask which features are you missing in MS-paint . (no offence)
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    cop/img network improvements: -I would like to have the same flawless experience like in SOPs - when the node stream has a plane it should be a rock-solid truth across all the frames, vopcops etc. -automatic mem managnment (maximum from pc), no need to "clear compositing cache" all the time -much faster .exr/.pic read -wrangle -possibility to see whats cooked and cached in timeline basically read times, caching and related bugs is the main difference between nuke and h (at least for me). If I will be sure I always can do my render layers compositions in H without stress it's like a 4000eur price reduction on HFx (basic N lic) and that's something.
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    And of course wishlist for 16.1 ----- mantra on multiple gpu's
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    not like in nuke(with "_v" - maya's "." is way better ) - houdini versioning(in backup folder) is a good one. A shortcut to save a new major/minor version and global variable for $HIP_WITHOUT_VERSION_:) would be a nice addition.
  8. Atom's Video Tutorials

    Hi Atom, Thumbs up! just sow the first tutorial. And it's awesome! I think it's almost like a benchmark for the others: everything well prepared, no hesitations, no errors no illogical verbal soup around the information's. If payed tutorials would looks like this I will probably watch them all. Just jumped recently to Houdini (1 month) from Maya (12 years) and it's really pain to found a tutorial with some decent pace. So just want to thank you for your effort - I know it's not easy to have everything sorted out and speak to audience. Cheers.
  9. PC build for 3000€

    I think titan x is still better choice over 1080 - it's supported by redshift, has mature drivers and most importantly 12Gb of ram. And it's titan so if you want to add more of them in the future you can switch for tcc drivers - witch means no windows harassment over the performance. (Not a big difference but something ) I also believe that the future titan (pascal) (if you want to add it to the system later) will play better with 12Gb brother :). But 1080 looks promising in some tests.
  10. vdb attributes

    Hi, i'm trying to project some numbers into the VDB container and I thought it will be easy in Houdini - but I stuck badly. Is there please some way how to set/edit vdb attributes - density via attr wrangle for example? The only way i found is to multiply with another vdb - but there has to be a better way, am I right? Thanks a lot for any help.
  11. vdb attributes

    Oh, perfect that is exactly what I was looking for! Just didn't know about that node. Thanks a lot!
  12. Every second edge from a group

    Hi, I have a basic question. I want to create a group containing every second edge from already existing edge group. Is it possible? Thanks.
  13. Every second edge from a group

    brilliant, thank you guys!!
  14. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Hi, yes on cpu it can be a little bit faster but on 4xTitanX or upcoming titanX80 it should be complete diferent story. Real world scenarios: FLIP sim even without collisions - GPU is slower in smaller scales (up to 3mil particles) and when it starting to payoff is already to slow to sit and watch it cooking - you basically have to cook it over night or on farm witch is CPU based in most cases anyway. The only way how to take advantage of GPU in FLIP is to adjust voxelSize/partCount ratio away from 1/8 witch is optimal in most scenarios. There is probably to many memCopying in the process so you don't see any real advantage until it's so slow that you don't care anymore. edit: Sorry I mean not completely without collisions but with just a basic coll.container
  15. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    +1 for this 2) Also support for multi-gpu workstations will be very beneficial. 3) And just more options where to use that OpenCL brutal power. 4) And I found one bug/feature super irritating: when holding spacebar/alt and RMB in the viewport there is still a good chance for the popup menu "VIEW(Space to overlay)" to show up.... It really bothers me a lot - even worst is the fact that items in this menu reacting to RMB Release - so I accidentally "Homing all, Homing selected, etc" quite often. - I just prefer some assurance when I'm using a tool for cam.dolly it doesn't depend on the length of stroke I did with my mouse.