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  1. qLib Plugin Installation?

    THANK YE SIR! T'worked, may ye live a long life upon the seas. You get: +4000 internet points.
  2. Alembic Import From C4D Is Wrong

    I too have dealt with the woes of C4D. Maybe try FBX? That generally works best for me, C4D has some particularly bad exporting options.
  3. Oi m8s, There is this plugin, qLib, for H15; essentially a bunch of OPs that make everyone's life easier. Unfortunately I have not had the luxury of finding some half decent instructions. I am: Running Windows 7 Pro Houdini 15.0.416 (Apprentice) Maybe this is this issue? The instructions say to: << ### Installation The installation process involves two steps: **getting the contents** and **setting up the environment** for Houdini. There are two ways to get the contents of the library. You can download a compressed **archive file** or you can clone the official repository with **Git**. While installing from an archive may be a bit simpler, we highly recommend you to use **Git** since it gives you the additional benefits of **instant updates** and easy access to **older versions** and **development branches**. ### From Archive File Simply **download** the current version by pressing one of the download buttons and **unpack** it to the place where you want to install qLib. >> Very unclear, if anyone can help t'would be great.