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  2. need advice on PC components upgrade for Houdini

    In all honesty I would hold off just a little longer and try your system with a new graphics card, I know people always say something new will always come out but after seeing the new Nvidia RTX graphics cards at Siggraph with *built in* hardware ray tracing, you might kick yourself in the butt for buying anything graphic card wise before they arrive, they will be a real game changer to rendering, Redshift has an even brighter future now imho, the pro versions of these card are available but still $2500 for the average user for a graphics card is probably a bit much, I am assuming you are an average user from your current setup. Judging by the past Nvidia will find a way to include a cut down RTX for home users, they would be foolish not too, which is why I say hold off just a little while....and since your current system is five years old a couple of months wont hurt to know you made the right choice. And just as I was typing this I hear that Nvidia have just been hinting at a more reasonably priced RTX ....the RTX 2080....typical eh