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  1. HDA | VOP | NormalBias

    Is there any link to buy or download?
  2. Help with svd shape matching using numpy

    Very useful, thank you! This does only work when the point count on both geometries is the same though. Any idea how to extend this for cases where the point count is not the same?
  3. Export .fbx with multiple takes

    Ever solved this problem?
  4. Creating HDA node in python "very" slow

    Thank you for your feedback @Stalkerx777 and @lukeiamyourfather. I had already profiled the Object and SOP node creation. After doing it again, I realized that the Color SOP takes some more time than other nodes to create. I replaced those with a VEX wrange a la @Cd = {0, 1, 0} and it helped some. But my HDA was still the main culprit. I didn't profile the python code because the python nodes were not cooked at all (because the hda was bypassed already on creation). In the end I'm now having one instance of the hda processing all the geometry. There was some scripting and code required to retain the hierarchy but it all worked out in the end. The execution times went from literally hours (and crashes) down to minutes. It seems like Houdini is just not designed for having complex OBJ node hierarchies with many leaf items that include hda nodes. Every creation of the hda via python took 0.2 seconds. With 5000 nodes this adds up ;o) I wonder if there's a way to speed up the creation of subsequent hda instances after a hda instance has been placed in the scene. I'm using Houdini as a "geometry operating system" and from a design standpoint it would have been nice to have the functionality directly at the data/context. Now I'm having some controller style hda which collects data from the hierarchy and places the results back into the hierarchy after it's processed. Problem solved though. Thanks again!
  5. Hi there, I have a python script which traverses a subnetworks GEO nodes and adds a new node (which is a HDA) via createOutputNode. The added node itself is bypassed, so it should not cook (yet). The problem I'm having is that the creation of the HDA nodes takes 0.5 seconds each and the subnetwork (created from a CAD file in another step before) can have several thousand GEO nodes. This results in extreme loading times and very slugish UI performance even with 64 GB of memory. If I leave out the creation of the HDA at each GEO node of the subnetwork, the issues with performance and crashiness are gone. (Please note, that the HDA node is bypassed in the above case and will not cook). The reason why I'm adding the HDA into the GEO nodes of the subnetwork is that I need to export the subnetwork later on via a FBX ROP for example with all the NULL nodes (e.g. transform hierarchy) still intact. Adding the HDA at the "end" of the GEOs node pipeline allows me to do this. Basically the HDA processed incoming geo and adds UVs, polyreduces and bakes textures for the individual GEO nodes of the network. I already tried to rewrite/rewire the HDA to be able to iterate over primitive attributes such as "path" and have the whole content of the subnetwork processed from a single HDA instance. This works, but I'm loosing the link to the subnetwork and have to write out many individual FBX files etc. Now my question: Is it possible to speed up the creation of the HDA node somehow? I already tried setting the updatemode to manual, which did not change the creation time. Copying instead of creating maybe?
  6. Houdini FBX export - instanced geometry

    Hi, I've already posted this over on SideFX but didn't get much response. Hoping on some direction how to fix this in the now open-sourced FBXExporter on the SideFX Github. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/53971/?page=1#post-242445 Best, Daniel
  7. /mat context node clutter

    Great! Thanks for guiding me into the right direction. Works
  8. /mat context node clutter

    I must be doing something wrong. If i create a RS_Material in the /mat context and set the material in a Material SOP in the Geo, the material is not rendered. If I put the RS_Material into a shop context, it works. I'm on Redshift 2.5.30 and Houdini 16.0.705.
  9. /mat context node clutter

    It supports it - but I would call it "fully". You still have to wrap the shader into a "RS Material Builder". The prototyping aspect of the new /mat context is lost for me because of that. Actually I wonder what the difference is to using a material in shop context tbh. Regarding the RS prefixes: True. In Arnold it's sadly not prefixed. P.S.: In Mantra, if you change a material property of a material this is reflected in IPR - even if the material is set through a material stylesheet. For Redshift it's not (when using material stylesheets). No big deal, but again not quite "fully" integrated.
  10. /mat context node clutter

    Hi there, I'm using Arnold and Redshift as thrid-party render engines in Houdini. The new /mat context is very nice with one big exception - third party renderer nodes are all displayed along with the Mantra nodes in the /mat context. An example would be the Multiply node. I have one from Mantra, one from Redshift and one from Arnold when I hit the TAB key in the /mat context. And no way to differentiate between them before placing. Now my question: * How are you handling this situation? * Is there some way to filter? (I know that I can just drop a Material Builder and inside it, it's all filtered for Mantra. But then I can't drag noise nodes to the viewport for example and it's generally a bit of a workaround IMHO) P.S.: I know that Redshift and Arnold don't support the /mat context yet fully. This is about shading with Mantra from the /mat context. Many Thnaks, Daniel
  11. Unity Shaders for Vertex Animation Export Tools

    Finally some love for Unity. Thanks!
  12. Were you able to get it running? It's not working for me with the latest release supporting 15.5.480 including Indie.
  13. No, I'm just adding the Arnold ROP, setting the correct links to the cam and rendertarget (which i'm using the provided Digital Asset for) and press render. (Edit: Also using the Arnold Standard Material on a sphere geo). As far as I'm aware, the ASS export tab is hidden anyway from the ROP otl by detecting the Houdini version. There's a python expression checking for houdini or houdini educational.
  14. I'm having the same issue. HtoA - Error whilöe writing ASS file (-1)