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  1. Hi all, I am attempting to render out hair curves and only have them generate at the time of render. As I understand it, setting the hairgen node (created from a fresh scene from the shelf on a rubber toy object) render parameter to Hair Generation = "Generate Geometry in Mantra" is supposed to do just that. If I switch that parameter to "Use SOP Geometry", the hair renders out fine, but that defeats the purpose of not writing out the geometry beforehand and thus bloating the size of my IFDs. Otherwise none of the hair renders. Has anyone seen this happen or know what needs to be changed in the scene? Is this a bug? This is using HoudiniFX, v16.0.619 I cannot supply my scene file, nor screenshots, but this is happening in both my actual scene file and in a fresh launch of houdini with simple geometry as the only geo in the scene.