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  1. Particle Explosion

    you can go there, great ressource to learn vex
  2. Glue constraint / Magnet force

    Thanks Noobini, unfortunately it doesn't seem to solve the issue I still get weird behavior on the pieces.. Thanks guys I'm gonna try something else
  3. Glue constraint / Magnet force

    Anyone ?
  4. Glue constraint / Magnet force

    Yes, there is two otls for cone twist constraints, i bypassed these two in my dop sim, the glue constraint issue should not be affected by these.. Can you open the file anyway ? Thanks Atom
  5. Glue constraint / Magnet force

    Hi Odforce, I'm running into an issue on a destruction sim i'm currently doing and if you guys had a solution it would be perfect (i'm running a bit crazy with this...) So basically I modeled my building, and did a basic glue constraint network to hold the structure before applying a force with metaball (i've tried popmetaball/multi solver and magnet force, doesn't solve the problem). When my magnet turns active everything explode but unfortunately some pieces get stuck mid air... I've read every single thread i've found on the subject, I know that glue constraint needs an impact to be deleted, so I transfered color from my metaball to the glue primitive and deleted it based on that. I tried to do this method at both SOP level and in SOP solver changing the overwrite expression from $SF to $SF == 1 when needed.. None of these solutions work and I'm running out of ideas.. Scene file attached below, thanks in advance ! Cheers SILO.hipnc
  6. Tree destruction

    Hey Varisht, Thank you for the compliment, for the destruction it's a simple scale down on the model > voronoi fracture points+voronoi fracture > scale back. Then played with glue constraints and cone twist constraints
  7. Tree destruction

    Hi odforce, I'm a french student in animation and I really got into houdini for a few months, here's a personnal project I did to practice some things I learnt from tutorials. It's not much but it was fun to make ! Any feedback is welcomed houdini+mantra+mari+nuke https://vimeo.com/171080985