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  1. Hi guys..is possible to convert Houdini Aprendice files to Houdini FX? I had some experimental tests qith extension .ncha and I cant save in .hip
  2. Hi guys..exist a way of to select this objects direcly on viewport ignoring the Merge Sop?
  3. wrong water behavior (help)

    thank u a lot guys... To change karnel for swirly and add surface tension...solver the problem. Add vicosity i had tried before, and dont work hor I wish,,,,now it work too..thak u again.
  4. wrong water behavior (help)

    I had been dificults to find a right behavior for water. The water was spreading out a lot...but I want that it fall more together. (as follow image) Some one know how to fix this?
  5. Spheres Media Player

    Spheres playing videos just with yours positions, near balls working as brack pixels, far balls working as white pixels. Music: Lotus Flower, radiohead.
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    BakeTexture ROPs nodes abled on Render View
  7. display message in sceneview

    i know how to this on Camera view. On the camera parameter click on litle gear on the top en chose "Edit Renderinr Parameter' On the giant list of left...find the folder "view Display" and into it find "Viewport Comment"...just drad this for tle right list and click Accept Appeared a option on camera parameter...what do you writ into, will show at camera view.
  8. Buckingham Palace in Westeros context

    testing new light settings.
  9. Buckingham Palace in Westeros context

    I will make that impluvments..thanks again
  10. Buckingham Palace in Westeros context

    thank Noobini by the answer -I thought to use displacement of fur on the carpet but, the scene is already so heavy that i give up. -Do you thought the red chair shot? hmmm..forhaps..seeing now, forhaps -You is right about the curtain and fireplace, I made that choice by aesthetics only..the reflection of fireplace was so bright above the chair, and it got weid..so I removed.reading you now forhaps I could make a little reflect on pos..
  11. Finishing an old project that I had stopped. The idea is to do the Buckingham Palace at Westeros context, the carpet is westeros map, the wallpapper have dragons, and Kings on the frames at right. Thank you Amok Amokov by let me use yours ilustrations of Targaryen Kings. I am posting some Houdini projects on my Instagram /www.instagram.com/valdez_oa/
  12. WIP..Buckingham Palace

    I dont know exacly becauses I dont worked direcly hours by hours...each day I spent few minutes...and,, I passed sme months withou open this file...but was a looong time. Yes, just Houdini, any Zbrush I used.. (yes , a little crazy, I know)..
  13. WIP..Buckingham Palace

    Im restarting abandoned projects!... Buckingham Palace, have yet some improvements to do in some object datails especificly..but I am almost that!
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Is enouth just add a Group field on Convertline Sop, the edges selected turns lines, and the rest (non selected) would be deleted. I mean, for example..do you hit Ctrl+Shift+F1 and adds a Vector To Float on network..nodes that u use a lot of times should be created by keys direcly
  15. Advice for building a computer for FX

    If you want a 2Tb HHD....buy two of 1Tb and make it Raid-0..this will create a single partition of 2Tb and with 2x faster, to sinulate, a great part of time is copying caches on HD.