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  1. Hi friends... I have a trouble here I need to simulate stars fall and fill a container, but when it stop of fall..it still moving by your selves, "shivering" without stop. I tried to simulate with Bullet Solver and RBD Emit, and both was with this problem.. I tried the parameters of Linear Threshold, Angular Threshold, Padding, incriase Substep...and nothing work... Some one could help me?
  2. Procedural Monster

    Librarian, my next step is try to do the body (including legs) 100% procedural, so modeling, so animation.. are you want to participate? Looking the progress, learning and doing tips and solutions for news problens. If I have sucess, I will try to add. that tail for this body. Well, will be a great challenge for me
  3. Procedural Monster

    With this work I tried to do a metalic monster with a inverse pipeline..the model exist from the rig, on this case a single line... that is completly procedural.
  4. Procedural Monster

    Hi Librarian, Not...I just used Lines, VOps, Wrangles creating and admnistrating attributes to manipulate PolyWires, Polyextrudes, Carves parameters etc This model looks complex, but it´s quite simple.
  5. Procedural Monster

    Hi, the animation is procedural too..what to do the scala's fish open and close is the arc lenght of the segments of laterals lines...when the creature fold inwasrd, the arc lenght decreasse and made the scalas to open, when fold for other direction, the arc lenght increase and made the scalas's fish to close.
  6. SOP Solver with changing numpt

    I am trying to do this else..to find the time of life of a point (not particle) in a timeline I am tying using while(), when() and if()...but for while no sucess The idea is, after numpt() switch from 0 to 1, start to add 1 each frame in a attribute...until num pt back to 0
  7. Houdini<>Unreal uv doubt

    Hi friends..I trying to export geometry from Houdini to Unreal with many uv channels..I tryed just to rename uv on Houdini as uv0, uv1, uv2..But the Unreais not is recognizing. Mainly I need export the main uv (named uv1 on unreas) and lightmap uv (named uv2 on unreal). Some one how to do that?
  8. Covid will delay H18.5?

    SideFx still working on Houdini 18.5? Or the dev are stoped by Covid-19? Someone here knows?
  9. Karma benchmark

    Someone already did the benchmark comparing Karma and other render?
  10. Karma benchmark

    So..someone already did the benchmark? my first impression Karma is much heavier than Arnold.
  11. Karma benchmark

    Some peoples already have using...SideFx sent to test
  12. Karma benchmark

    Karma is faster when Arnold for ex?
  13. Hi friends...I have more than 10024587515 Geo nodes on my SOP network...I need to add a Normal Sop on the final network of everything, I have to do it one by one? Or Houdini give me a way to do automaticly? If yes, which? Thank you for all
  14. Hi friends, I needed to transfer a PointWrangle code to a PopWrangle.....on pointWrangle in SOP context it work perfecly, but the same code, in PopWrangle into a Vellun cloth, not worked any more. To simplify and try to understand I used just a simple point() and it didn't work too. (follow image) have VEX diference beetween PointWrangle and PopWrangle, or, someone know why that point() dont work?
  15. PointWrangle x PopWrangle

    Here you file dont work else..
  16. PointWrangle x PopWrangle

    Thank you vtrvtr, but for me it work else into PopNet.....I mean into Vellun Cloth, some function, like point(), dont work in PopWrangle into a Vellun Cloth network.. Try it to you see.
  17. PointWrangle x PopWrangle

    Dont work its like me a node problem because on the imput tab of the pop wrangle, have input1, input2, input3, input4 for you chose...but on the idon node on the network you have just one input...and any handle expression are working else, I tryed v@pos = point(0, "P", @ptnum); v@pos = point(Opinput1, "P", @ptnum); v@pos = point(@Opinput1, "P", @ptnum); and nothing working. Are u could have some file with a example of this working?
  18. Solaris Reveal

    Sure...probably that will be my workflow..as you said.
  19. Solaris Reveal

    Correct me if I wrong, but with Solaris the ROP, ShOP, MAT, SOP, all will be unnecessary, everything doing into same context, right? For me separeted contexts is inportant...Solaris should me another solftware as PillotPDG.
  20. Solaris Reveal

    Its is nice and extremely useful...I jusr desagree it to be a context and not a separeted software.
  21. Hi guys, sometimes strange things happen on my Houdini, I know that it happen be cause I press keys acidentaly...But I world know how to do that: 1- I am into a Geo Sop, I press something and all the content of this node is transfered for another Geo Sop of network.,and my actual node stay empty....What shortcut do that? 2- Or I am modeeling into a Geo Sop, I use a poly tools but it affect a object outside, of a another Geo Sop. 3- Sometimes I can select object outside of the Geo Sop that I was working.. 4- Merge object of two diferentes Geo Sop, into one single Geo node. Someone know why and how it work, which shortcuts do that??
  22. @agept exist?

    Is possible to have the last age before the particle die? A kind of @numpt...@ageid or @agept.
  23. Hi guys, I saw in Youtube a animated Magnetic Resonance, I and tried to reconstruct that real head using the 2D sequence of that video...follow the result: (The video was 720p, forhaps, better resolution ans quality I could generate a more detailed geometry)
  24. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Well, Symmetry in houdini is Mirror, it have too oon Edit Sop.
  25. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    What do you mean with "Simetry"? Houdini already have it.